View Full Version : Anybody here from MACS-5 Beaufort, SC

01-08-12, 12:11 PM
Found out it is no longer as of the 90's! :(

Great group of guys, loved Beaufort.

Went back to Beaufort this summer after 25 years, what a change! Sleepy little Beaufort is no longer!

Looked on sat photo, golf ball still there, but nothing but trucks where our huts used to be! Beq's gone/ changed

Any body remember the numb-nut from trans they sent to paint the golf ball with lead based paint! :scared:

Used to listen to the radio, and watch tv with a seven second sweep loss signal!

Macs-5, tds 1985-1986

Sgt Leprechaun
01-08-12, 11:14 PM
Wife was stationed with them in S-1 from 89-91 or thereabouts.

Must have changed from when you were there..only unit she hated LOL.

02-10-13, 11:04 PM
my husband was in MACS5 from 1990-1992. His name is Louis Rosenblatt

03-18-13, 02:07 AM
I really enjoyed Beaufort with the exception of those sand fleas, I was also in TDS- TDCC from '88 - '92.

04-19-13, 12:20 AM
I served in Beaufort Air Station MACS-5 1973-75

05-04-13, 08:18 PM
I was with MATCS-28 in 76-77, we were the HQ unit in New River for all the air traffic controllers on the east coast. I'm not sure about MACS-5?

I was down in NC about 15 years ago and it was completely different along the coast. We lived in Sneads Ferry for a couple years, I loved the little fishing town isolated south of Lejuene.

Semper Fi

08-01-16, 07:15 PM
I was at Macs-5 from 75-76 then went to Macs-2 Kanehoe bay 76-79

08-05-16, 01:48 PM
Im currently stationed at MCAS beaufort. Obviously wasnt there in the 90s but the town is growing really quickly. Came back from a 9 month deployment and all the roads are changed and new restaurants everywhere.

08-05-16, 02:10 PM
I was there in 2011 for a reunion, the town was super nice ! the best restaurants / facilities etc. i never was stationed there though MCAS ! did boot near there though haha :)

08-06-16, 07:51 AM
Mabs-32 mag-32 70-72

08-06-16, 11:32 AM
Matcu-69, Mag-31 1969-70

08-08-16, 06:35 AM
MAG-31 1975/76. Re-upped, went to MCAS El Toro for 2nd time.