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08-26-02, 12:21 AM
These four poems were written to help me deal with my PTSD.
Please forgive the grammer.
They're so bad that they can't ever be thought as someone's else poems!!!


A Young Man
There a young man,
Walking on a path,
Remembering other young men,
Now forever still,
Is it luck or God's will.


Often, I've asked myself a question;
Why did you have to die?
While those that had most to guard,
Let the poor go and die,
Sometimes, I feel sad,
That you had to die,
No one wants to say WHY, you had to die,
Was it luck or God's will,
That you had to die and forever be still,
They have a cyber memorial,
A lot of the pages that have your information,
Say; "No entry for this hero"
You didn't die to be a hero,
As long as some of us remain alive,
Your memory will never die.
Because we will always ask "WHY"


Some Day
Some day I hope to be happy and free,
Of all my painí
Thatís hard to explain
My friend named PTSD,
The thought of a Young Marine crying,
As he was dying,
The thought of another Young Marine face changing,
As he was dying,
So someday I hope to be like other men,
Happy and Free,
And rid of my friend PTSD!


Who Speaks For The Dead?

I see a ďWallĒ of Names,
Where images are reflected,
Of those who went to their Fate,
In place of many who had an excuse from their Fate,
Who speaks for the DEAD at this late date?
No One, as most want to forgive and forget,
Iím sorry, I canít do that just yet.


Some thoughts on my poems

In my poem "A Young Man"
I was thinking of a older man looking back and remembering the young men of his youth.
That he served with in the military.

The main thought of my poem "Why"
Was to question, why wars are fought by the sons of the middle and poor income.
While the sons of the rich get excuses from serving.

My poem "Some Day" are thoughts that I experienced from my service in Vietnam.
Those two Marines did die as I relate in my poem.

The poem "Who Speaks For The Dead?"
Is my reaction to those that say
"Get over it, Forgive and Forget".
My body says they might be correct.
While my mind says,
I'm sorry, I can't do that just yet.


Semper Fidelis

08-26-02, 03:10 PM
Thanks for sharing, Bro.

Semper Fidelis, Frank
Mike 3/4 '66
3dCIT '71