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11-05-03, 01:57 PM
MCU inaugurates MAGTF Logistics
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Story by Cpl. Jeff Correa

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. (Oct. 30, 2003) -- Marine Corps University conducted a ceremony to establish the School of Marine Air-Ground Task Force Logistics on Friday at Liversedge Hall.

The School of MAGTF Logistics is designed to broaden students' understanding of the nature, scope, complexities, and capabilities of Marine Corps tactical logistics.

The School of MAGTF Logistics mission is to develop, coordinate, integrate, and provide logistics education programs for enlisted, officers and civilian logisticians to prepare them to meet the dynamic logistics challenges of the present and the future, said Lt. Col. Stephen E. Reynolds, head of Logistics Instruction Branch.

"We plan on training a great number of people to meet the developing issues encompassing logistics at both the tactical and operational levels," said Reynolds.

The foundation of the School of MAGTF Logistics and its two comprising courses, Advanced Logistics Officers Course and Tactical Logistics Officer Course, were the result of many years of continuous change in logistic training. In 2002, after many pilot programs had come and gone, Lt. Gen. Richard L. Kelly, deputy commandant of Installation and Logistics, recommended that the student demographic base of ALOC and TLOC be expanded to include staff noncommissioned officers, warrant officers, and civilian Marines. Currently, ALOC, a three-week course offered twice a year, is available to civilians who are GS13-15; master sergeants and master gunnery sergeants, and chief warrant officers 4-5; and field grade officers. TLOC is available to GS9-12, first lieutenants and captains, warrant officers and chief warrant officers, gunnery sergeants and gunnery sergeants select. All, however, must be in the combat service support military occupational specialties.

"The purpose of the school is to graduate personnel in [logistic] areas of greater responsibility," explained Maj. Michael E. Weaver, TLOC director.

ALOC was a product of a need for advance logistics training and was established by the Landing Force Training Command Atlantic 1991 to help remedy the problem.

TLOC was developed to provide Motor Transport and Logistics cross-training in 1998, but several complications spawned the termination of the program in 1999.

However, the School of MAGTF has infused ALOC and TLOC principles to enhance logistics training in the military.

"ALOC will be offered to students who already possess a well-grounded foundation in the tactical levels of logistics and recognize the strategic and operational levels of logistics as a coordinated whole," said Weaver.

On the other hand, TLOC will prepare and expose students to a wide range of key logistics command and staff positions within the force service support groups, battalions and squadrons.


Lt. Gen. Richard L. Kelly signs the inaugural poster of the new School of Marine Air-Ground Task Force Logistics on Oct. 24 at Liversedge Hall. Photo by: Cpl. Jeff Correa