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11-21-11, 09:18 PM
Well it seems like yesterday that I got back from Afghanistan, but I'm back out again without any decision of my own. I was voluntold to 6th Marine regiment (on a Saturday and was forced to check in by Monday) due to the length of my contract and I will be doing a long deployment with their PSD. I'd rather not discuss how this angers me, but it does. We'll be leaving very soon.

Today I found out that I will have the score to pick up Sgt. in December. Woo me. This opens up two options for my career. I am either deciding right now to spend this deployment attempting to put in an officers package for ECP, or going reserves and doing an active reserve billet as a Marine Corps liaision at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center of Bethesda. I really haven't fully decided, but my life path has changed of late and I need to follow it.

Its been a long and arduous road as of late. I've watched the best and worst the Marine Corps has to offered. I've watched the best and worst mankind and the world has to offer. I watched everyone step away from this organization and I had my hand forced to step away from my boys and my unit, but I guess I'm trucking along waiting for that next opportunity to get into the fight and hook and jab with the enemy.

This deployment is going to be a long one, the full year, This will make 28 of my first 61 months in the Marine Corps on deployment. Its taking a physical and mental toll, but nothing I can't get throught. I do truly love doing this, but I'm gonna need some kind of break soon :cool:.

I hope that I get to touch base with you all and good luck with future endeavors. Semper Fi.

Cpl Woodall, Michael C

Tennessee Top
11-21-11, 10:06 PM
Good luck to you and keep your head down!

11-22-11, 09:12 AM
The Best to ya, Bugs, In everything you do.

11-22-11, 08:25 PM
good luck to you

Old Marine
11-22-11, 08:36 PM
Be Safe Cpl.

Phantom Blooper
11-22-11, 08:46 PM
Hang tough Bugs!

Godspeed....fair winds and following seas!

The same Marine Corps but a different era....only you can decide.....but remember you are the only one that can decide what you want out of the Marine Corps and what you want your future to be.

Good to go on picking up Sergeant.....

Do your homework and line up a life if you decide to leave and go reserves.....it isn't getting any better out here anytime soon!

Best of luck to you.....

And I guarantee you that you have made old Cpl. Dave Blaylock proud from the streets of gold!:beer:

11-22-11, 11:03 PM
The only reason I would go Reserves is because the job I want to do is only an Active Reserve billet. I just want to be a liaison at Walter Reed/Bethesda. If you guys don't know what these people do at the hospitals I recommend...highly recommend you do some research. These Marines work tirelessly to ensure these sometimes seriously injured Marines coming back from Afghanistan and their families get every bit of care, treatment, support, and benefits that they are entitled to. They focus on the Marine not the injury and are great and tireless background leaders in this Marine Corps. I've watched them work and I feel its something I need to do.

If anyone knows how to get an Active Reserve billet while on Active Duty I will gladly listen to that because I would much rather do it on Active Duty. Suggestions?

11-23-11, 02:01 AM
Well Good Luck in whatever venture you choose:beer:

Hey Wood, here on Leatherneck we don't get much realtime scoop on what's going on in Afghanistan, and i suppose you would know well as anybody.
Are units gaining ground and holding positions that can be eventually turned over to non-combatant communities? Is there an end to direct U.S. military involvement in sight?