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10-17-11, 04:25 PM
I work for a weapons manufacturer as a quality control inspector in the range. I test fire all the weapons that come off the assembly line. we deal alot internationally aswell as domestically. I found out we have a contract coming up calling for 2,000 automatic rifles going to the Iraqi Police. I don't know what to do. Apart of me wants to quit, at the same time I lucked out landing this job, and do not want to be unemployed. But im beside myself that I will not lay a finger on a single one of those rifles. The thought of a Marine being killed with one of our weapons raises the hair on my neck and angers me with frustration.

I was an 0311 (2005-2009) Marine and am looking for the opinions of other 03's who have dealt with the shady crookedness of the IP's....what do i do?

thanks in advance...

10-17-11, 06:54 PM
Can you let your command structure know your thoughts ?

Failing that would the FBI have any intrest in this ?

I totally agree with you
Some things are beyond personal comfort staying employed

And I ask if the shoe was on the other foot would your current command give a hoot about you ?