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10-16-11, 02:27 AM
Good Morning Gents,
I have a question for any and all to have a go at. First off, if you're going to answer this please answer it with a specific reference, word of mouth just won't cut it in this situation. Second, don't say look in the DoDFMR or on comptroller.defense.gov. I've checked both VERY thoroughly and it doesn't state anything about this.

Long story short, I have a MSGT on my ass who's trying to take away my BAH. I went to NMCRS to get a loan to help pay off some of my bills in a time of need and that got turned into me supposedly being financially irresponsible. He went to my WO and my WO is going to send it to the SGTMAJ tomorrow.

How difficult is it for a command to stop BAH Own Right that's already been approved?

What kind paperwork would they need to have filled out to do it?

What reasons can they do it for and what kind of proof would they need in order to do it?

Any and all help would be appreciated devil dogs!


Old Marine
10-16-11, 09:46 AM
I'm just guessing, but I'm betting there is much more to the story.

10-16-11, 10:15 AM
Affirmative on the "rest of the story"

99.9 % of the time the best answer is to work within your chain of command

Your Col (?) will not be supportive of your needs if he is directed by an outside source to take any action

Tennessee Top
10-16-11, 11:33 AM
I take it you're living off base due to inadequate housing aboard base? Or, maybe your command allows a certain percentage of junior enlisted to live off base?

Sorry, can't site a reference manual. But, didn't you have to submit an application to your CO asking permission to live off base? That request can be approved or denied at any time by discretion of the CO; they don't need any specific proof or reason to stop BAH and all the CO has to do is sign a form to stop it. Very simple and quick process. Request mast to speak to your CO if you feel you're being treated unfairly and you can't fix the problem at your level (make sure you have your ducks in-a-row; sea lawyers are frowned upon and requesting mast sometimes causes more problems than it solves).

There may be a base order that covers your situation (many times, BAH and living on/off base are covered locally by a base order).