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10-06-11, 08:28 PM
Good Evening Marines. Sgt. Lephrechaun told me I could post this message here that it would get the most views here. Yesterday here in Rome, Georgia we welcomed home LCpl. Evan "Tucker" Williams. LCpl. Williams is based with the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, Delta Company out of Knoxville, TN. He was injured by an IED in Afghanistan, and recieved the Purple Heart this past Monday from the Commadant of the Marine Corps. LCpl. Williams is in really good spirits and is recovering extrememly well. I have put the link to both the local newspaper that covered the Welcome Home Parade that has a interview with LCpl. Williams and also the Facebook Page dedicated to him; if any of you would like to contact him to send any messages I am sure he would love to hear from you.
Semper Fi Marines

Here is the link from the local newspaper:

Here is the link to the Facebook Page dedicated to LCpl. Williams:

Sgt Leprechaun
10-07-11, 12:16 AM
I like it! Lets give this Marine a fine 'cyber' welcome home! Thanks for putting that up.

10-07-11, 07:29 AM
Oorah 4th CEB!

10-07-11, 08:33 AM
Welcome home Marine, Semper Fi

10-07-11, 10:26 PM
Wow, cant believe I ran across this. This Marine is in my cousin's unit and I have been following him from his facebook page. They are having a rough time right now and truley serving thier country to the fullest. My aunt was there for the pinning of the purple heart and I can post pictures if you all would like.

Semper Fi,

PFC Williams

doc h fmf
10-07-11, 10:50 PM
Welcome And A Prayer For A Speedy Recovery

Semper Fi And Godbless

Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

10-08-11, 12:48 PM
Thanks Amanda!

Thes guys just amaze the hell out of me! This one is just a good ole humble laid back country boy and probably thinks he didn't earn that Heart for nothing other than having the tip end of his finger amputated.

I love 'em all and am SOOOOOOO proud for them and SOOOOOOOO proud to be a Sister to them!! Semper Fi Marines!

10-09-11, 08:41 PM
Hey Marines,

Thanks for showing up and showing your support, it feels good to hear it from Marines especially cause yall have been there. Marine84 fairly well hit the nail on the head, I got off lucky compared to two of my friends still in the hospital, the commandant says I deserve it though so I take it. I'm alive and kicking and happy to be so, a lot of things I'll never take for granted again for sure.

Not sure who all on here is religious but I'd like to ask that everyone keep 1st BN 6th Marines and 4th CEB D Co in your prayers, along with LCpl Kevin Honaker, LCpl Adrian Simone, and the family of LCpl Frankie Watson.

Thanks again y'all, SEMPER FI!!

Phantom Blooper
10-09-11, 08:47 PM
Good luck on your recovery and your comrades and their families are in my thoughts and prayers.:flag:

10-09-11, 08:59 PM
Welcome home Marine, recover fast and enjoy your loved ones.

Semper Fi