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09-22-11, 11:17 AM
Hello Marines,
I am having some issues with finding a decent program for my physical fitness. I am wondering if you Marines have any recommendations? or any tips to increasing my push-up count. Also, should my knees be hurting a bit after I run? They don't during or before. They do hurt a little bit on squats. Thank you all for your wonderful service to our wonderful country :iwo:
Sincerely, Spikeman1444

09-22-11, 12:07 PM
Spikeman, you already asked the questions about your knees and have received advice in that area. Yes, when you are a new runner, your knees can hurt after you run. What to do: Run right. http://goodformrunning.com/ Get the right shoes for running. Go to a running shop. Don't run on blacktop or cement. Stop running on your heels. The impact travels your legs. After you run, ice them if you need to. Don't run more than 3 times a week for 4 weeks and then build up. Go to the forum page, poolee forum and do some searching for physical fitness. There are tons of threads on physical fitness, pullups, pushups. Also, go to a gym, see a trainer. Physical fitness is broad. Are you wanting a weightlifting program? CrossFit type program? Do some searching on the net. Lots of good stuff.

Lisa 23
09-22-11, 12:52 PM
Also, search the poolee forum. This has been covered many times.

09-23-11, 02:37 AM
Oh snap, a question on physical fitness. This is a thread that has never been covered, and there is no information on google about it. Please give this guy a medal for best thread. He's got my vote.

09-23-11, 09:36 AM
I apologize for my stupidity, I'll make sure to do better research next time. Thanks for the vote lamanognr86 and I just went on Google, and wow there is some information Google. you just gotta look harder, it's there.