View Full Version : Poolee heading to boot camp next monday, Help!

09-12-11, 11:54 AM
To start, I signed into the Marines and gave my oath to the constitution because I heard the calling. Felt it more likely. Ever since I can remember my family has joined the military, 2 brothers in the army, uncle in the air force, grandpa was army and airforce. I look back at them and how proud they were, but I could not help but to realize that non of them were in the marines. I want to be apart of something thats bigger then myself, something to make my family proud and make me somebody someone respects. I want that brotherhood more then anything, to serve the flag and everything it stands for.There is always a "but" though isnt there. I became a Poolee almost a year ago, that was a month after my 17th birthday. Since then ive had about 4 Recruiters, Some I didnt even know untill 2 months went by,I got messed up with some people that I thought were friends. My point is, Since I signed I havnt been exactly "motivated" to go to the poolee events, I would rather hang out with my friends. That was a mistake. I did go to poolee events and man I couldnt walk the next day, And thats where im asking for help. I weigh 213, and im 6'3, I can only do about 4 pull ups,80 crunches and run the mile in a half in about 12 minutes. I didnt get motivated to start getting my **** togethor untill I realized that I made a commitment to the Marines and im not going to fail them because I know they won't fail me. My uncle is to thank for that. Im asking former poolees and current Marines on what I should do at boot camp to deal with the physical stress on my body, I mean im not fat, just have a little meat on the bones. Other advice about Boot Camp will be greatly appreciated. P.s/ Boot Camp is at camp pendleton.

Sgt Leprechaun
09-12-11, 06:52 PM
Run a search....SEVERAL of them, as a matter of fact. What you are feeling is normal....pre Recruit Training jitters basically.

And your Recruit Training will be in San Diego, not Camp Pendleton.

Closed as the answers are here...you just need to exert some small effort to find 'em.