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08-24-02, 05:54 AM
Marines of UNITAS 43-02 departed Norfolk aboard the USS Portland on 5 Aug. UNITAS 43-02 is unique from previous Unitas deployments in that the Marines are all reservists. Normally 2nd Mar Div provides the troops but with the current situation, 4th Mar Div Marines stepped in to share the load. UNITAS is our annual series of exercises with Latin American naval and marine forces. So far on this tour Marine combat engineers and ship's crew had to board a barge and sink it with demolitions. This was done at the request of the US Coast Guard. UNITAS Marines also had the fun of helping the crew fill the ship's fresh water tanks by hand using 5-gallon containers. Several of the Marines enjoyed spending time with Dutch Marines while in Aruba. The Portland is currently in Colombia where the Marines will join in exercises with Colombian Marines.

08-24-02, 09:36 AM
USS Portland

Spent a (lovely??) 6 month Med cruise ('77 -'78) in her compartments as a Fleet LCpl. As research has come over the years, I think she is one of 2 ships I was aboard (6 or 7 total), that is still in commission. Her, and the USS Nassau, LHA 4, that took us to GITMO in '79.

Kinda reminds you how old you are, when the ships you served are no longer in service. :eek:

Did a paper in college, with the Portland in mind. Does any body else, that served on ship, feel that you left something behind when you disembarked?? It's like a piece of you is still there, keeping her going, and waiting on you, if you get back.

Would love to see if some of my scribblings are still on the bottom of the 3rd rack, in troop compartment. :evilgrin:

Thank for the trip down memory lane :yes:

FMF H&S Co. 3/6 2MarDiv
'77 to '79

08-24-02, 10:07 AM
The Portland pulled into Norfolk on one screw thanks to an engine room fire and navy divers spent the weekend before she left patching a fuel leak.
Scuttlebut is this is Portland's final deployment.
The Nassau leaves for the Med with the 24th MEU on Monday.