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08-23-11, 04:39 PM
Good Afternoon Marines. I have been stressed out lately about my MOS. I am currently in open contract but do not ship until November. My recruiter told me new jobs will be released in June and I would be able to pick one then. Here it is August and these jobs have still not been released. I am just worried he is lying to me because at our last Poolee function another recruiter from the same office told me how lots of jobs had been released and he got almost all of his Poolees a MOS. I talked to my recruiter and he said that my job has not been released. Now today I find out another female from my office is going to take the DLAB for a MOS that was just released that I wanted. (I did very well on my ASVAB and DLAB and qualified for this MOS.) I am just worried that he is lying to me. I don't want to go above his head or disrespect him in anyway but I also want to protect myself. Any suggestions on how I should proceed? Just calm down and wait longer? Try talking to him again? Please help. Thank you.

Tennessee Top
08-23-11, 05:22 PM
My niece is a poolee and her recruiter is telling her the new jobs don't come out till the new fiscal year on Oct 1st. She is going to MEPS tomorrow to take the DLAB and then he will submit for her MOS.

08-24-11, 03:11 AM
Communicate your issues and worries with him clearly and logically, mentioning the other poolee that is supposedly getting the same job you wanted. If the other poolee getting that job is fact, then ask for some reasoning as to why that person is getting it and how is that person's situation any different then yours as it pertains to selection of an MOS.

If that poolee is not getting that MOS guaranteed then she is being lied to. If she is getting it and there is NO logical explanation as to why she is and you are not, then I would contemplate talking to your station's SNCIOC about it. There are reasons and methods to everything, for the most part, so stay open minded to that, but if it reeks of poop, look out for yourself cause it will be your future for the next some-odd years (guessing 5 years, sounds like you are going for linguist or general Intel).

My two cents, Hope it helps

08-24-11, 08:36 AM
I apperciate the advice. I will talk to him again. I'm hoping I am just stresed out for no reason. I do really like my recruiter and I think he is a great person but I do want to protect myself. Thank you!

Ice Man
08-28-11, 03:06 AM
Whatever happens, make sure you don't go open contract. Very rarely does that work out how you'd like. To me, like the MSgt said, it would seem new boat spaces should open on 1 OCT. If nothing opens up, just wait. Don't let anyone try to tell you you HAVE to ship at a certain time. That may be whats best for them, but not getting the job you want will affect the next four years of your life.