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08-23-02, 07:54 PM
<b>A thread to share your Marine Corps memories with others that would appreciate hearing them.</b>


Did I ever tell you the story of Lieutenant Dan Walker?

Lt. Lawrence Wilson was our platoon commander in Vietnam. He was an outstanding commanding officer and today remains a good friend.

When he went on R&R in December of 1967, two other Marines from our platoon were with him. Ira Rahm a good friend of mine was among them.

As they sat down in Bangkok to have a drink and since they were going to be on R&R together, The lieutenant suggested that they should come up with a new name for him. If they called him Larry, when they got back to Nam they may slip and cal him Larry and it would not seem right. Wilson certainly didn't want them to call him lieutenant while they were on R&R, so as they sat and drank, one of the Marines was drinking Jack Daniel and the other Johnny Walker Red. So they came up with the name Dan Walker. Lieutenant Dan Walker.

34 years pass, and we are having our 1st platoon reunion at Port hardy in BC, in the upper most northern part of Canada. 16 Marines at a reunion.

I hadn't drank in over 20 years, and as we sat together at a bar there. Some Marines were urging, me to join them. Finally I said I would but it would be a unique drink. I called the bartender over and I asked him to make for us a special drink. A Dan Walker, drink. You guessed it, a drink made with a shot of Jack Daniels and a shot of Johnny Walker Red.

The bartender poured the drinks and set them up. And we all toasted the Marines that had died in battle with us and our new rekindled friendship.

The bartender never charged us for those drinks and in honor of his support of the Vietnam Veterans we gave him a 1st platoon Marine Corps cover, which he proudly displayed over the bar.

The following night we returned to the bar and the waitress brought us all a shot of, yep, you guessed it, a shot of “Dan Walkers” to start us off, for the evening.

Well bros, here's to you.

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08-24-02, 09:53 AM
I can dig it. However, the Lt. missed a geat party that would have been renamed in his honor.

10-17-03, 07:00 AM
Some stories deserve to be retold.