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08-20-11, 04:00 AM
Good evening Marines,

A little bit about myself...I'm a musician, and I just hit my one-year mark about a month ago. I absolutely love my job, and I'm definitely proud of what I do. So far, I'm enjoying the Corps, and I certainly see myself re-enlisting and going for 20 years. (Of course, anything can change when the time comes to re-up.)

Anyway, I know I want to do a B-billet my next enlistment, mainly to see more of the Marine Corps and expand on my experience. I've done as much research as I can, but unfortunately, there isn't too much info out there on Marine Security Guard duty. I've seen the recruiting ad, and visited the website. What interests me is the opportunity to serve in another way, by protecting American embassies around the world. I've stood my fair share of duty (yes, I am a boot), and from what I understand, an MSG spends the majority of their time writing in a green log book.

If anyone here served as an MSG, I would love to talk to you and pick your brain and hear about your experiences.

Thank you for your time!

-LCpl Rice

Tennessee Top
08-20-11, 01:51 PM
I served two tours on the MSG program (both watchstander and detachment commander) and was also the Operations Chief at the schoolhouse in Quantico. It has been a few years and the program has changed due to the war on terrorism but the basic elements of guard duty are the same and will never change (long hours on your feet standing post or walking a roving patrol inside the embassy). Chances are, nothing will happen during your watch. But, you have to be prepared to react properly to every conceivable situation as people's lives and maybe our nation's secrets could depend on that (it has happened in the past). I equate it to playing right field in baseball; the ball won't be hit to you much but you've got to be ready when it is and know what to do with the ball after you catch it. You will constantly train for every possible scenario so there should be no surprises.

The major advantages to the program are the travel obviously (how many Marines will have the opportunity to live and work in such places as Moscow, Rio de Janiero, Jerusalem, Paris, or Beijing to name only a few), the opportunity to see how the Department of State operates abroad, opportunities to learn foreign languages/cultures, and promotion (MSG's have points automatically added to their composite scores or mandatory comments on their fitness reports).

You should contact your career planner and read the MCO. There is a checklist to determine if you're eligible and you must be recommended by your CO. You must agree to remain unmarried and be able to obtain a final top secret security clearance. The school is tough and has a high attrition rate. Besides training MSG's, it's mission is to screen students; you may be the best grunt in your infantry platoon but not who they're looking for. I saw former DI's dropped for unknown reasons. There are two formal boards you must pass, along with pistol qualification (at the FBI academy on base), PFT, and academics to graduate.

Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.

08-21-11, 06:59 AM
Lance Corporal,
I'm a currently serving MSG, so I can provide you with current information and help you get a good picture of duty as a watchstander. What in particular would you like to know?