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08-18-11, 11:53 AM
so my beloved Marine and i have been together since 2006. yet ive missed EVERY single ball. this year seems to looks like it will the 5th ill miss. meaning after fiver years together,ive yet to go. last year i actually got as far as getting a gown until we recieved new orders.
i thought i was ok with not going, but im not. lol
i really REALLY want to go .....its pretty much gone like so
'06 he was in the pakalouah training area,his blues were in Oki and he rented a tux and went stag while i was graduating school

'07 he was deployed
'08 he was deployed
'09 i was on bed rest
'10 he just graduated from school and recieved orders to join a new plt the week of after their ball

ANNNNNNNNNND (Drum roll please) this year i am in the midwest while he is serving as Plt Sgt (he just picked that uber fun job up this monday) of division comm co. im in school to become a medic so in feb i can move back with our kiddos and work on a fd out there...i came home to go thru an accelerated program, kind of like a deployment but the shoes on the other foot. we both agreed this was best, but we will be missing our childrens,mine and his birthday,haloween,turkey day,our annivisary and Christmas...i think showing up to the ball and surprising him would be a blast!!!
THOUGHTS ?? ideas??? thanks!!

Lisa 23
08-18-11, 12:03 PM
While this doesn't answer your questions, how about filling out your profile so that the Marines who may have some answers for you, know who they are talking to....site rules, which can be found in the poolee and Ask A Marine forums.

Tennessee Top
08-18-11, 12:21 PM
Being married to a Marine is a tough job (as you have learned) and you deserve a lot of credit for hanging around as long as you have. I commend you and you have my total respect (my ex wanted no part of it and walked out).

There is a reason it's called "the service" and not "Carnival cruise lines". The life of a Marine requires constant sacrafice and hardships (like deployments and family separations). But, many of us would not ever consider doing something else.

Eventually, you will get to attend a birthday ball hopefully. It's a very special occasion that will provide you with many lifetime memories.

Sgt Leprechaun
08-20-11, 02:07 AM
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