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08-23-02, 03:20 PM
should be down at the club in about 45 minutes, and then the first round's on me... it's been a looong week, so I think I'll spread a little liquid cheer.

looks like I don't have duty this weekend, so that's a good enough reason to start :banana: celebrating!


08-23-02, 04:45 PM
I won't pass up a drink iffin your buying...Meet ya there. JD & a Yuengling for me please.

Semper Fi,

08-23-02, 05:06 PM
Hell.... had to retrieve my colors from the bar (after ensuring all my MARINES made it home without spending a nite in the lockup).
Stopped to get my flags, and such, Sgt Ron is in there... buys me a beer. Then it was 2, then the 3rd......

Shots of Gentlemen Jack for everyone. Buy yer own beers. LOL
You forget, when the 1st SGT sits down to the big round table and throws out a couple $20's and sez 'MARINES - SEATS' - you better know what time it was. There was oh......$300 on the table - 3 girls came out of the bar with 10 shots of Gentleman Jack Daniels, 10 shots of Tequila, and 10 shots of Jim Beam.
3 seperate toasts - no whiners.

AND we drank until the money was gone - cept for the tip.

Semper FI


p.s. - pics @ www.usmc0311.com - click the Armed Forces Recognition ntie - date is incorrect, but hey... I dint do it. SF

08-23-02, 06:52 PM
I want all three of mine.......

Drink 1, spill1, give 1 away... I'll be done for the night !!!

Don't drink and drive....... find a buddy with a trailer !!

:banana: :banana:

08-23-02, 07:48 PM

That must have felt really good to do that. I think it is a great thing you did. WOW that was a lot of hair. How does it feel now?

I am going to create a post with the link to the pics.


Semper Fi,

08-24-02, 03:22 AM
Jerry: ya shoulda seen it a year ago at the Ball. I had such a headache from it being so long, when I got home, and took a shower, I cut a solid 8" off it then. That was almost 9 months ago.
Having that group of fine Marines around me for the evening was beyond motivational. I've been asked to gather some of my Marine bro's to go out and participate in field exercises with the C Co 1/24 Marines in October. The Major, 1stSGT and Trainin SNCO believe that I possess everything that alot of their reserve unit could use. Honor, Integrity, Respect, MOTIVATION.

When I went to the Reserve center yesterday to see if my Marines made it home alright (nobody in the lockup - thanks Chesty), we had a brief discussion on the field exercise coming up.
I was again assured by the Major, and training staff, that my presense was welcome in the field.
These Marines don't know what they're gonna unleash at these poor reservist bastards.... There's quite a pool of Marines in which I can choose from. The problem is: the reserves have an issue listening to someone teach Marine Corps tactics who might teach history at the local comminuty college. They dont listen well. But, they DO listen to veteran Marines.

Anyone wanna go play?
I gotta go buy bigger camos cause my pants are full again LMFAO OOOOOOOHHHHH RRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH


Semper FI