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10-25-03, 01:41 PM
I am a 21 year old female and I am currently in the application process to be accpeted to a police academy where I live. To be a police officer has been a dream for me for quite some time. To be a Marine has been in my heart for sometime as well. I simply want to fight and defend my country and I want to be apart of them most elite, kick ass, fighting branch. My question is, will it be difficult to become a Marine once I become a police officer? A close friend of mine who is in the USMC Infantry told me I should just follow my dream to be a Marine before anything else...but I honor my commitments and I feel I have to follow through with my police academy decision first. Any advice or guidance will be greatly apprecited.


Poolee Macon
10-25-03, 05:06 PM
Hey I'm still just a Depper but I believe that it would be easier on you if you went to the Marine Corps first just because you'll miss so much time during work. Another question that I have for you is are you going active duty or reserve? I'm believing reserve since you want to be a police officer as well. Finally why don't you become a MP or a SP... they are pretty much a police force for the Marines and it may help you out after the Corps.

10-25-03, 06:15 PM
You ever think about the Marine Corps Reserves. I was enlisted in the Reserves all throughout college. This might be a great opportunity for you. This way, you could be a Marine AND a police officer. Many gaurd and reserve members have civilian occupations such as firefighter or police officer. I've also heard that these occupations tend to work around your drill schedule.

10-25-03, 11:49 PM
You could be a reservist with out much problem. The police departments are used to people missing work for reserve duty. It seems that people that want to serve often find more than one way to do it. As for being an active duty Marine. If you want to be one, go be one. There is no way you can be a police officer and a Marine, unless it as a Marine MP.

10-26-03, 01:55 AM
I was 20 years old when I enlisted in the Corps. After I was discharged, I was number 11 out of 1500 on the police test. (I didn't complete the testing...the shrink says I am too harsh!) Needless to...

10-26-03, 09:46 AM
I guess I live in the wrong part of the country, or just had a bad interview, but being a Marine pretty much killed my chances of becoming a police officer. The test consisted of 3 parts written test, which was the civil service test. I got an extra 15 pts for being a combat veteran. which place me in the top 3%, physical fitness, after being a Recon Marine was pretty much a joke number 1 with a perfect score, then the interview, what a joke. You sit in front of three officers kind of like in a merritorious board, and get blasted with questions. Afterwards the insults came, the most memorable being called arrogant by the night watch officer. There are no Marines on our police force here. The ones I have talked to, and looked at the raw scores of thier tests were all weeded out in the interview. The way we see it, its thier loss not ours, because police officer pay is sh*t.

10-26-03, 10:56 AM
Thank-you for your honest responses. Yes I would choose to go into the Marine Reserves, but maybe I will find out police work isn't for me and go active duty.

Leroy8541, I live in New Jersey, quite the difference from Arkansas..all cops that I know who have prior military, their military experience has only helped them in their careers. I have never heard of it being used against them. I know for my police academy all the Dril Instructors are former military and current military reservists, and of course most are Marines. They obviously, and I know, very much respect a military background. Come work up here if you like, I know you would be welcome.

Thanks again for all replies.

10-27-03, 08:10 PM
I live in Oklahoma, and at least a majority of the police officers here are former militatry people. Anyway, Proud, be careful. It isn't just the easiest thing to go from reserve to active. Make sure you know what you want before you sign the papers.

10-27-03, 09:21 PM
Echo 4 makes a very good point. Don't think that you can switch from reserves to active at the drop of a hat. It may have changed since then, but when I went through MCT in '99, we had several Marines who were begging to be changed to active, and the 1stSgt was really going to bat for them. However, I think only one or two got their wish. As with anything else, its all about the needs of the Marine Corps.

10-28-03, 09:15 AM
I know if you went reserves the most jobs pay you when you are called to leave and do work around schedules

10-28-03, 09:59 AM
I agree with CAS, become a Marine go into the reserves, and then join the police force.

I served both, Marine then joined LAPD and the Marine training helped land the police job, and Marine experience as an MP, before I got out of the Corps helped me in understanding police work.

I almost blew it, however when I joined the police force. They asked if I had ever made a racial joke. They don't hire individuals that make fun of other races. Of course I said, no. Then I though about it and said; "Do Pollock Jokes count?"

LOL... just kidding

Marine first, then police work, once on the force they will probably not want you in the military. If in the military first they will accept you as a benefit to the department.


10-28-03, 04:17 PM
I forgot about you being blue too Cook...SORRY

Kiss and make up for it!!

11-23-03, 10:45 PM
Echo, Why isnt it easy to go REserve to active???

11-25-03, 07:20 AM
Not sure if you have made any decisions as of yet. But I am a police officer in Jacksonville, Fl. I first enlisted in the USMCR and then a couple of years later joined the police department. I am in agreement with my comrades in that it will be considerably easier to enlist in the Marines, then go police. The experience of the Corps, whether active duty or reserve, will be extremely beneficial to you if you decide to become a cop. I of course don't know how New Jersey is reference your certification for law enforcement, byt here in Florida, if you are not employed for a stretch of 4 years, you will have to renew your certification through a refresher course or you will be decertified. Just food for thought. Good luck on your choice.