View Full Version : Outrageous Treatment of Injured/Wounded Military Personnel

10-24-03, 09:04 PM
There is an appalling report of our government's treatment of
our own men and women that were injured during their service
in Iraq at www.TomPaine.com (The Pentagon's Achilles Heel).
There are dozens of injured men awaiting treatment and
evaluation at Fort Stewart Georgia and other bases, without
even basic comforts like air conditioning, etc. Some of these
guys, injured and recovering from wounds, are having to climb
in bunk beds to get some rest. What in the world is their
service worth to all of us. Get your phones, your email and
let's bombard the powers that be to get this fixed today. It
could be any of us laying in those hot bunk beds wondering
who is fighting for who. Let's all help these guys and women,
today. Semper Fidelis, Tom Murray, SSGT USMC 1973-1984.

10-24-03, 11:49 PM
My personal opinion...and I am hot under the collar.


O Please, here we go again. I do not work for the goverment. I work for veterans and this is too hard to swallow. I go to Walter Reed, I know what the laws are regarding veterans. I see service members (90 percent have minimal disabilities) and they are treated fairly. I am suspect of this propaganda. It does nothing productive but strike fear in the minions.