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07-14-11, 09:08 AM
hi my name is brandon im 22 and want to become a marine. unfortunately i have 2 felonys from when i was 14 ( burglury and grand theft) i read that if you have 2 felones that happened at the same time at the same place under the same arrest that they can be wavied as 1 felonie on the wavier is this true? I also have a misdemeanor ( possession of marijuana) from when i was 18. Sence that iv turn my self around i work 5 days a week i have a G.E.D and go to college i train as a boxer 4 days a week and am in great shape i run 4 miles a day. I voulenteer at all the airshows around town and have people willing to give me recommendations if necessary that are ex millitary. Most of all i want to become a marine really bad and am willing to do WHAT EVER IT TAKES! to become one! with a lot persistents and some luck do i still have a shot? Becuse im terrified that every one will say no and send me out the door.

thank you for your time ( sorry for the lenghtly post)


Lisa 23
07-14-11, 09:19 AM
Medical/Mental/Criminal/Tattoo Waivers/Lying to MEPS...READ THIS FIRST

Ged/diploma/college Credit Question...start Here

If the answers you're looking for aren't found in these 2 threads, then I suggest you go and talk with a recuiter face-to-face. He/she will be able to give you the most up-to-date info on this.

Also, Marines is always capitalized on this site, and you may want to use some proper sentence structure, like capital letters at beginning of sentences, punctuation marks where needed, and periods at end of sentences.
While it may not be a big deal to you, it is to some of us Marines.

Sgt Leprechaun
07-14-11, 11:25 PM
Sigh. I grow weary.

Spelling and grammar, to begin with. Yes, it's important. Yes it matters.

You are going to have a long, uphill, slog that will likely, these days, result in the same answer: Disqualified.

2 felonies, No high school diploma, just one of those would be difficult. Both together? I'm afraid in this economy, with people who have only MINOR issues being turned away, your chances are extremely poor indeed.

Still, go talk to a recruiter. It can't hurt.

07-17-11, 08:16 PM
Consider the Peace Corps.

07-17-11, 10:34 PM
Felonies are automatic DQs no H.S diploma and no college automatic DQ. Sounds like youve turned your life around but sadly your past is going to bar you. I say that with 99.999% certainty. Sorry