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10-23-03, 05:50 AM
10th Marines 'brags' about skills at Fort Bragg
Submitted by: MCB Camp Lejeune
Story Identification Number: 200310229149
Story by Lance Cpl. Terrell A. Turner

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C.(Oct. 22, 2003) -- An artillery regiment's primary job is to provide fire support for infantry units. Tenth Marine Regiment proved they're "ready to roll" by participating in Exercise Rolling Thunder Oct. 8-20. It's a semi-annual training exercise where the regiment conducted simulated missions and readiness evaluations.

The expansive area at Fort Bragg allows live-fire training which is prohibited at the smaller Camp Lejeune," said Cpl. Adam D. Greenlee, cannoneer, Battery A, 1st Battalion. "This training teaches us step-by-step what we need to do."

On the battlefield, these Marines receive target coordinates from Fire Direction Control, while Marines manning the M-198 Howitzer fire at the target identified. Forward observers, located in high positions then confirm the artillery rounds impact on the targets.

The cannon cockers collectively stress the importance of peacetime preparation.

"We relate this training to combat," said Cpl. Kyong Sol, of Potomac, Md., ammunition technician chief. "It's real fire mission training on all levels, and we do it like it's real."

Though the regiments' primary mission at "Rolling Thunder" is artillery training, they also conducted training with grenades and crew served weapons.

"We're doing the pistol, grenade and machine gun ranges," said Sgt. Michael Barnes of Baltimore, preventive maintenance chief, motor transportation division. "It's good preparation and training. It gets us ready for real combat."




10-28-03, 12:59 AM
I sure hope my old boys at 3/10 spanked that ass at brag again

10-28-03, 04:07 AM
3/10 always kicked ass at Bragg.

Spent many a cold wet night at Bragg, of course for a couple of years I was the S-3's driver so I had it a little better off, except when the 3 wanted to go check on the Btry's at 0 dark F**King 30 in the morning.