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06-15-11, 10:50 AM
Just watch, I'll bet that the EPA will come along and protect this $180,000 snake haven...:banana:

An Idaho family was driven from their home and into bankruptcy by "hundreds and hundreds" of snakes that slithered inside the walls as they slept and left them and their children terrified.

The garter snakes were so prevalent that the ground around their home appeared to move, according to Ben and Amber Sessions. Ben

\Sessions killed 42 of the serpents in one day, but eventually gave up and abandoned the home they had bought in 2009.
"It was like living in one of those horror movies," Sessions, 31, told The Associated Press.

They bought the house aware of the snake situation, but they thought it was overblown. Yet everyone in and around the small town of Rexburg seemed to know about the "snake house."

"I felt bad," said Dustin Chambers, a neighbor. "By the time we knew someone had bought it, they were already moving in. It was too late."

The family couldn't continue living in the home and ended up filing for bankruptcy.

"It was just so stressful," Amber Sessions told the AP. "It felt like we were living in Satan's lair, that's the only way to really explain it."

The house, which the Sessions bought for $180,000, has been taken over by the lender. It is now on the market for $109,200.

06-15-11, 01:10 PM
It would not be a good place to be, but does the seller have to tell people about this small problem with the house??

06-15-11, 01:40 PM
I don't get it, garter snakes are harmless, we have some around our house and my wife loves them.

06-15-11, 01:41 PM
"They bought the house aware of the snake situation, but they thought it was overblown. Yet everyone in and around the small town of Rexburg seemed to know about the "snake house."

So the original seller disclosed to them that the snakes existed. I guess they never bothered to have a home inspection which a lender would usually require. Must have figured they were getting one heck of a deal.

Cpl Heglar
06-15-11, 02:46 PM
I would gather them up in 55 gallon bags and haul them off to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue by the truck load full. It would be a relentless assault.

Old Marine
06-15-11, 05:15 PM
I hate snakes and consider all snakes as the enemy. Shovels work wonders on snakes. In my previous home, we battled Morman Crickets most every summer for 14 years. You could not take a step without stepping on a cricket. It got so bad and the roads were so slippery they had to sand the roads like in the winter when they get icey. Stinking nasty things would eat all plant life in sight.Each and every one was as big as your thumb.

06-15-11, 11:23 PM
"Daddy no shoulders" (read as snakes) and I don't get along, at all. To my way of thinking, the only good snake is either dead, or a thousand miles away from me. And this "they aren't poisonous, and they kill rodents" stuff doesn't flush well with me either. I have seen some pretty big black snakes strike at (and bite) people. Not one of the individuals I have seen bit, seemed to enjoy it. And as far as the killing rodents thing is concerned, that is what pest control people are for.

06-16-11, 01:44 AM
We have at least one garter snake den near here where I have seen and is estimated to have some where around 2000 gater snakes in it during the fall of the year. They are in a habit of always goning to the same place to meet in the fall. And in some biologist have found that they do have venum but it is very low grade and they have no real way to deliver it as the venum glands are way at the back of the mouth.

06-17-11, 09:14 AM
I don't kill snakes, or bees. Once in a while I kill a Spider, if I don't happen to have a way to move to a safe location. I don't keep them for pets, but with me it's live and let live. My Lhaso Apso, 'Sparky' likes to kill snhakes. He is highly prejudiced in that regard. Why did I get on this thread??? S/F!! Ken

06-17-11, 11:43 AM
:evilgrin: When I was '13 I used too catch Water Mocasins in tha Virginia Swamps (The DISMAL SWAMP) I would not Kill them.I was being paid a Nickle for every 1 I brought outta tha Swamp too a Park Ranger and Vetenarian so He could Milk them of their Venom then the University Of Va...would use the Venom for fighting M.S...I found out later He was gettin $25.00 a Gram for all that Venom.I'd like too get them Gater Snakes and sell them too The USMC so they could make RICKY RECONS eat them at SERE...Hell they need too git back to BASICS!!!:beer::iwo:

06-17-11, 09:20 PM
Yo, Fist I hear they get more than that now for the venom. Don't hear to much around here about someone getting bit by one.

06-18-11, 08:37 PM
:evilgrin: If I hadn't had such Love of those Sneaky Critters and doin' My Swamp thing...I had pride in bringing them Ole RedNecks burlap Bag's full of them Cotton Mouth's.Chit they were making Big Money back then.I could have bought Me a John Boat with a Motor,instead I was pushing an ole Canoe with a Big Pole,but I really Loved Tha Swamp My PaPa and I built a really nice Tree house way back in there.Bet I could still find it with out a GPS till this day.S/F GodSpeed Go Easy H.B...:thumbup: :iwo: