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Captain Kirk
06-13-11, 11:47 AM
Tables Turned On Westboro Church

Here's the URL where a couple PGR's turned the tables on the Westboro Church............he he

http://k99.com/my-ride-to-westboro-b...-huge-success/ (http://k99.com/my-ride-to-westboro-baptist-church-a-huge-success/)

Ya got to love it!!

You gotta go to Journey for Justice on FB and join!:flag:

06-13-11, 05:44 PM
OK now that I have stopped with the super smiles, Thanks Doug, now I have to get in touch with our local paper and ask why this was in the news as they seem to put everything in when the Phelps are doing something.

radio relay
06-13-11, 05:44 PM
God Bless Team Colorado!!!