View Full Version : Reenlisting in 2015, but I don't know which branch to go into?

05-02-11, 09:52 AM
I'm currently serving in the as an Information Systems Specialist(25B) in the National Guard. In 2015, I will be eligible to reenlist. For a project, I'm to interview 3 different people who are doing something that I would be potentially doing as a career. I want to go Active Duty, but I am not sure which branch to go into. Just a general question, but could you all please email me or write on here your experiences while on Active Duty. Preferably someone with at least 4 years experience. I know that there are so many different MOS's and each experience varies by unit, location and other factors. I just want to know your story and what you loved/hated about being on Active Duty. My email is martinezarng@live.com and my name is Ramiro. Thank you all who help me and I appreciate tall off you for your courage to go Active Duty.

Lisa 23
05-02-11, 11:03 AM
You've got no profile, site rules.......... and try doing a search on the site. Questions like yours have been asked and answered many times before.

05-04-11, 04:57 PM
seriously?? Go away hooah.

You didnt have the balls to go in the Marines the first time around and chances are the nasty guard made you even nastier. You will get murdered at USMC boot camp

On a serious note go see a damn recruiter for your questions