View Full Version : Lost in the Sauce?!

04-05-11, 01:03 AM
I know we've all heard it many times. I still have yet to figure out where this term came from or what it even means.. Anybody know or got any ideas? I always thought it was kind of a strange thing to say.. obviously it means someone is confused or late etc. but what is this sauciness about?
Rah :D

04-05-11, 01:31 AM
Well i'll take a shot. Like when your mixing up a king size pot of SOS or chili or spaghetti and your nose starts dripping or cigarette ash droops....

04-05-11, 08:09 AM
Another shot. Total confusion as if you are drunk.. Not sure of it's origin though but the word sauce is a synonym for booze. Think 1950/60's

04-05-11, 01:20 PM
1. Open Google.

2. SEARCH for 'lost in the sauce'.

3. Surprise! 109,000,000 hits.

Once you finish all of those - Click Here!! (http://www.google.ae/search?q=stupid+question&hl=ar&source=hp&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=)

04-05-11, 04:42 PM
The occasional booger tumbling into the pot is harmless enough, unless you witness it. Lost in the Sauce just keeps me thinking of this old cookie named Tom on the MC Ranch. He had severe allergies that unfortunately flared up during spring works when the most bulk feed was required to keep the crew productive. The not so secret ingredients in his recipes were snot and alkali dust i.e. "drip n grit" biscuits and gravy, et al

04-06-11, 04:54 PM
I think it may be one of those terms that just catches on because it sort of rhymes, like "nervous in the service."