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03-29-11, 01:58 PM
Hello. Am new to site. I am in search of a Staff Sergeant by the name of PETTY. It was one of my father's drill instructors in approximately September 1962 at Paris Island, South Carolina was his Boot Camp.

I have also posted three other ISO's (in search of). I felt it was best to post each name independently. Hope that's the correct method.

My father is just trying to learn of anything about Sgt Petty. How he was KIA and when KIA. Supposedly in Vietnam was what he was last told. He had a deep respect for his Boot Camp Sergeants. And has always wondered about them. Any information at all is much appreciated. Links, details, news releases, existing family,... etc about Sgt Petty. He could not remember Sgt Petty's first name.

My Father : Michael L. Phipps
DOB 07.05.1943

Most Respectfully,
Mick Phipps (his son)