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03-19-11, 06:33 PM
when i was 17 i enlisted under D.E.P. and was scheduled to leave the day after i graduated high school. I graduated late so my contract was voided. The recruiter was not able to extend my dep time because apparently i can only be in the dep program for a year. I am now 21 and reconsidering since my plans didnt go the way i expected after i graduated as far as border patrol:thumbdown.


If i was already in the D.E.P. program and my contract was voided, can i still try to join again?

If i am able to join, can i join back into D.E.P. to get back into shape and get "mentored" by a recruiter?

AND LAST, wat should i do to get back into shape? i have the running down but the only thing i cant do is pull ups. :/

03-19-11, 06:38 PM
No one will answer any questions from you until you fill in your profile... Read the rules.

Lisa 23
03-19-11, 07:23 PM
Is there a reason why you posted this topic twice?

And to answer your questions, go and ask a recuiter.

03-19-11, 07:41 PM
deja vu