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03-19-11, 05:33 PM
Hello Marines, and Poolees. I have a small thought and situation that is worrying me.

About three years ago, I smoked marijuana on school grounds for the first time, out of depression and peer pressure. I got caught, confessed to the principal, and was recommended to take a drug test. Results came back positive, but nothing was kept on record, at all. no arrests, or anything either. Thankfully, I wasn't suspended, or expelled. A few weeks ago, I contacted my Recruiter and talked to him about it. And chances are, since I confessed to previous use, I was told I will need a hair follicle test. He repeatedly asked me if I was sure I have'nt smoked since then, most likely testing my honesty, even throwing in that he can still get a waiver for me and it wasn't too late. I was completely honest then, and still am. I haven't smoked since that day it happened, and I remained sober in all forms to this day. Not even a cigarette has been smoked. Will this still affect my opportunity to make it in the Intelligence field, overall security clearance, or enlistment in general?

NOTE: I would like to note that my Recruiter said that as long as I was straightforward, and told the truth 100%, that I would be fine. But not everything turns out to e fine and dandy all the time. It was a dumb thing for me to do, and I realize what it could've and still may, cost me.
Some people, even Marines told me to lie, which I find retarded. If it does end up costing me even though I told the truth, then its probably what I regrettably deserve.

I also don't want it to come off as a sob story looking for sympathy. I just want facts, truths, and suggestions on what I should do, if anything, because after realizing what I want in my life, I don't want a knucklehead mistake to screw my love and life up. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

03-19-11, 06:21 PM
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Not a problem kid. Anyone that makes such grand life decision's, is desparately wanted by the Maurene Corpse. Go and see a Recruiter.

03-21-11, 12:02 PM
he's not going to give you a hair follicle test. for starters those are ridiculously expensive compared to a **** test, there's no justification for the cost at the accession stage. second, they can't test three years back. it's usually a three to six month test range and it depends on how fast your hair grows

plus, if you smoked once three years ago then any remnants were out of your system by the end of the week. you're fine. if your recruiter bothers submitting a waiver for something that happened three years ago and there was no record of then he's already met his numbers for the month and doesn't need you. this is a non-issue

As for the intel field, it's not going to matter much. You can freely admit to them that you smoked and tell them there was no arrest. They won't care; I've known people get TS/SCI clearances despite admitting that they were heavy users for years. It matters that you tell them the truth but at the end of the day smoking pot is pretty much akin to jaywalking to the SSBI as long as you're not currently doing it.