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03-12-11, 03:51 AM
I'm currently in the enlisting process for the Marine Corps, already gotten a ton of stuff done. Practice ASVAB, the real ASVAB, my physical at MEPS, but it's all going off to San Diego to be approved(left forearm tattoo). Msgt. says it'll pass with no issue, so I'm currently waiting on that, but that's not the question I need answered. This is the first recruiter I've been to, he's a good guy, and I don't suspect any foul play, but have heard a lil' mixed info and want to make sure I'm not gonna get screwed. From what I hear, next thing after the waiver gets approved for my tattoo, I'll be going to MEPS to swear into the DEP BEFORE getting assigned a job(he said we're gonna take care of that right after the first swear in). I'll have about 6 months (september/october) until my final swear in and I'd be looking at leaving. I've been told NOT to swear in at all until my job is signed for. But the recruiters say it's normal to swear in the first time before having your MOS, because it's not the final swear in and everyone does it that way. Does this sound right to you guys? Or am I just being paranoid? I'm very excited about enlisting, just want to make sure I lock in a job I want.

03-12-11, 04:17 AM
Dont do it unless you want to. You honestly do have a little bit of power over the situation. He wants you to sign so just let him know your not gonna if you don't get a good job. They do that all the time but when you get there. You've told all your friends and fam that your finally gonna swear in whoo yay exciting right? pff well hes then gonna give you "all" your options. They all suck? Why? Because somebody has to have the **** job, it still has to get done.. You might get lucky but this is 4 years of your life. Dont count on luck. And dont be afraid to voice yourself, But you better do it with respect. Just don't be stupid. If you have to wait for a job to open up do it. Enjoy some time off at home and get yourself into shape.

03-12-11, 04:24 AM
I was just told that the jobs are picked out after the first of the two "swear-in"s. That I'll swear in to the DEP and then right there after, head back to the recruiting office, and THEN do the MOS picking. I was just curious if someone's trying to screw me, or if this is normal, cuz honestly I wouldn't know. I want to land an MOS in Aviation Mechanics, and don't wanna be stuck with something I don't want.

03-12-11, 05:34 PM
Ive never heard of swearing in twice. I swore in once.

Tennessee Top
03-12-11, 06:17 PM
I think you may be joining the wrong outfit Tim (guess that's your name but since you haven't bothered to fill out your profile like you're supposed to am just guessing here).

The Marine Corps will assign you the MOS it wants you to have when it wants you to have it. Pretty simple. If you can't handle that you need to go talk to the Army recruiter.

While I have your attention; Marines are not "guys". We didn't go to all the trouble of earning the title just to be called a "guy". Your recruiter is not a good "guy"...he is a Master Sergeant. The guys are still back on the block and haven't earned anything yet...just like you in fact.

If you want to remain on this forum, go read the rules for wannabes (that's you) and poolees. Then, fill out your profile so we know who we're dealing with.

03-14-11, 05:51 AM
You will indeed swear in twice. Even after swearing in that first time, picking a job and everything, until you swear in that final time (either the day of or the day before you leave for bootcamp) you can walk away.

03-14-11, 07:02 AM
I know for a fact that Marine Corps Recruiters never lie!

03-14-11, 08:58 AM
You Do swear in twice. Once into the Dep And the second time is the day you leave for boot camp. I did however get my job assigned the day i swore in the first time but this was almost 4 years ago

03-16-11, 07:31 PM
I Stand corrected. You do indeed swear-in Twice. My bad Gent's. What i am certain of is that you can have a specific job in your dep contract. So if you have something in mind, try for it. Listen to the Master Sgt. Though. If you care that much about it, go join the army, you can be some army strong whatever. hooah. But if you want the title of Marine, the sooner you learn to not get your way, The better.