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03-09-11, 12:59 AM
So I've got a couple questions.
What is MARSOC?
How do you apply for MARSOC? Do you have to be an experienced Recon Marine?

03-09-11, 09:06 AM
You have to be a Corporal from any MOS and pass their strict assesment and selection process and qualify for a top secret clearence. Then you have to sign a 5 year contract if you pass the training which can be up to a year long

Lisa 23
03-09-11, 09:11 AM
Scout Sniper/Recon/MARSOC Information

03-10-11, 05:32 AM
SoftballCatch23, I've been to, and have read that thread, but there was little or no info on what MARSOC is, or what Marines do in MARSOC. Unless MARSOC is the same as being a Scout Sniper. The title of the thread is a little misleading.
I've researched it a little on my own, and the United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command seems like it's another Special Forces outfit that works directly under SOCOM instead of MAGTF. I'm just curious, and if you have any information that is actually enlightening on what MARSOC is then please, do share.

03-10-11, 06:15 AM
Check this. http://www.marines.mil/unit/marsoc/Pages/default.aspx

03-10-11, 08:09 AM
CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — Marines who would like to forge a career as a MARSOC special operator may soon have their wish granted.

Commandant Gen. Jim Amos is now considering a plan that could create a permanent career path, rather than forcing Marines to rotate back to the regular force after five years. Amos, who met with Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command leaders here Jan. 18, discussed the MOS and his intent to increase the number of operators and support personnel assigned to MARSOC, according to Marines who attended the meeting.

The plan calls for creation of a primary MOS in which operators can compete for promotion over the course of a career with MARSOC. Currently, Marines are assigned to MARSOC only for five-year tours.