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03-05-11, 04:15 AM
As of 1200 I finally made it out of MCRD San Diego! 3 months with PLT 1070 Delta Company paid off and I walked off the parade deck offically a Marine. Let me first say thank you to all Marines past and present who serve or have served this great country of ours, too all of you I say SEMPER FI! Second, a big thanks to all of you on here who helped me through tough times and prepared me for the challenges I would face while at boot camp. Now i'm in San Fran with family and return to Kansas Tuesday on a little road trip, time to eat, laugh, and be merry!

Oorah Marines!:flag:

03-05-11, 07:44 AM
Marine ! OOOOOOO RRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH :flag::thumbup: Moz 68-70 USMC

Lisa 23
03-05-11, 08:54 AM
Congrats on becoming a United States Marine :usmc:....and welcome to the Marine Corps family!
Enjoy your leave with family and frineds.

Get in-touch with Sgt Leprechaun and ask him to change your status from poolee to Marine.

Semper Fi Marine! :iwo:

03-05-11, 10:43 AM
Congrats Marine, Semper Fidelis.

03-05-11, 08:11 PM
Semper Fi Marine!

03-05-11, 08:16 PM
Congrats Marine OOOOORRRAAHH, yo dun't worry Kansas is still here.