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10-09-03, 04:39 PM
VA Funds Homeless Programs In Every State

WASHINGTON (Oct. 8, 2003) - Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J.
Principi today announced that for the first time in its history the
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is providing grants to organizations
that care for homeless veterans in all 50 states and the District of

"Just three years ago, VA supported 43 homeless programs that provided about
1,250 transitional housing beds in just 24 states," said Principi. "Today,
we are providing grants to every state and the District of Columbia,
supporting 8,200 beds operated by more than 250 programs. This historic
achievement is a direct result of President Bush's determination to end
chronic homelessness in America."

In the past nine years, VA's Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program
has awarded more than 300 grants totaling about $75 million to public and
nonprofit groups to establish transitional housing and service centers and
to purchase vans for transportation to services and employment for homeless
veterans. VA expects to provide grants supporting 10,000 transitional
housing beds by 2006.

More information about VA's homeless assistance programs can be found at
<http://www.va.gov/homeless> on the Internet.

10-09-03, 06:01 PM
Thanks for the information. I was homeless for years, until
I was helped by one of these programs. Most of them work,
and without them, I would still be sick and on the street.
Now, at least I have an apartment and and a great job. Still
sick, but we can't always have everything. Thanks again for
your efforts on behalf of all of us veterans, especially those that
can not help themselves. God will bless you greatly. Semper
Fidelis, Tom

10-09-03, 06:18 PM
TMM54...May I ask why you were "HOMELESS" ???
The reason I ask is...because all you had to do was file
for a VA Pension...until your VA Comp came through. If you went into a Vets Homless program they got that money. I know the following statment is going to raise some tempers, but it is the TRUTH...in
my 32 Years working with Disabled Combat Vets...I and them have
never came across a truly "HOMELESS VETERAN". Came across a lot that were having severe financial problems...the most of it was caused
by their non filing of a VA Claim.