View Full Version : Info on Crypto Linguist MOS?

02-19-11, 12:09 AM
So I passed the DLAB and and had high overall line scores on the ASVAB, Category I on the AFQT. When I joined a few months ago I wanted Intel, but when I learned about the Crypto Linguist job i changed it to my numero uno preference. But I found out this week that they were all full up, and they didn't want my sorry ass. Luckily I have Intel 02XX to fall back on, but I still have hopes to land the Linguist job. My recruiter had a past recruit who, like me, had an Intel job but wanted to be a Linguist. I guess he made a 96 on the DLAB, which is the reason he didn't get it, but while he was at boot they asked him if he wanted to take it again, and he passed it with a 112. So he then gets the Linguist job. Does this happen often? Or should I not get my hopes up?

P.S. I barely passed the DLAB with a 105, so maybe thats why I didn't get it. But I know I'd do quite a bit better if they allow me to take it again. Pretty sure there's a 6 month waiting period though.

02-19-11, 03:41 PM
I'm at DLI right now, and there's people here who got a straight 100 on the DLAB. We're pretty packed here, but I couldn't tell you what the max number is.

02-20-11, 05:09 AM
The reason you probably didn't get it is because each recruiting station at any given time of the year only has so many slots in each enlistment option to enlist people. So if he says there is no room, then he probably means there is literally no room, not due to any fault of your own. Also, I believe that for Intel (in the broad sense of the term) option encompasses the 0200 and 2600 MOS's, so you would still have a chance for linguist.

Just keep good contact with your recruiter cause stuff happens. I originally signed an MP contract, but was able to change to linguist. Just in that process I had to leave for bootcamp earlier.

02-25-11, 10:49 PM
Like Sgt said, working with your recruiter is important. I ran into the same problem, Another thing you should know is that a new fiscal year changes the availabilty of jobs. The US government's fiscal year starts in October. I joined the DEP in April, 2009 and by the time I realized that I wanted to be a 26xx, there were no spots left. It wasn't an issue though because my recruiter had me wait until August to sign any sort of contract for my MOS. (the availability for MOS's generally comes out 1-2 months before the beginning of the fiscal year) Another thing to remember is that the new fiscal year brings bonuses with it. Although I signed before our Commander-in-Chief got his hands on military budgeting, so don't be surprised if you can't squeeze your hand into Uncle Sam's pocket.
A 105 is fine, and it won't determine your language if you get 26xx. I've talked to the moniter for this job a couple times and he said that language assignments are based on the needs of the Marine Corps, much like everything else. A moniter is a Marine who works in Quantico and is pretty much the sole sculptor of the career of every Marine in the MOS he/she is monitering. They decide where each Marine goes after MOS school and what unit they are assigned to. Since the 2600 field is so small, we only have one moniter. Lately, the most popular languages here are Arabic followed by Korean, like myself and Sgt B above.
Don't fret. The Marine Corps strongly considers your preferences and will try to accommodate, and no matter what you do or where you go, you're going to have great experiences.