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02-10-11, 02:49 PM
My husband is currently going through the process of doing a prior service enlistment. And although we dont what will happen with this yet, I have been trying to look ahead and make sure we have everything planned out so things will go as smoothly as possible. One of these things I have been thinking about lately is moving. When we joined to military the first time we hardly had any personal belongings because we had only been married for a few months so it was not big deal to move those things across the country and it didnt cost all that much. Well now, we have A LOT more things, 3 kids, pets, etc. I remember from the first time around that we payed for the moving company up front and then got reembursed. We have heard that it is the same this time around, however, we have also heard that if you contact TMO once you have orders that they will pay up to 60% towards the move. We have been trying to contact TMO but everytime we call there is no anwer. I really would like to get the facts on this because I need to know if we need to be putting more money in savings so if he is able to go active again, we have the money to move. If anyone has ever been through this or has any information pertaining to this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

02-10-11, 03:52 PM
I can find no logic in your post

That said ... you will have a weight limit assigned by rank (with all the junk I have I never exceeded the weight). There will be no cost to you to move and the movers are contracted through TMO. They come and pack up all your crap then put it in shipping containers . If your house is a pig stye don't be suprised if they bail. They are a moving company not merry maids. They are not gonna do your dishes or take out your trash. If they bail then the entire expense is on you or you move with nothing at all. You would also rate to move one vehicle. Pets is on you and you have to have a vet certificate of health on each of them. Sometimes there is a quarentine requirement as well.

02-10-11, 04:26 PM
First of all, I dont understand how you dont understand my post. I have been through dity moves and governtment moves before. So as for the movers, etc...i already knew that. This particular move is different because it is a prior service enlistment. My husband has been out of the corp for almost 3 years. When he first joined back in 2004, we were married before hand, so when it came time to go to camp lejuene, we were not told of any other options then to figure out the moving for ourselves, so that is what we did. We hired a moving company, paid for it out of pocket, and once getting to camp lejuene and submitting the paperwork for moving, we were reembursed. We were not given any other options for that move. Maybe thats because no one told us, but at the time we didnt know. When my husbands EAS came around and it was time to move back to our home state, we then did have everything handled by TMO, etc. I was wondering because with this enlistment, we were told by our recruiter that the move would be all on us. However, we had heard a few things differently. So my question was regarding that. Can we have the government move us or do we need to pay out of pocket up front? Remember we are not at any base and this enlistment isnt that same as if he would have reenlisted while still active.

02-10-11, 04:44 PM
Do a dity move and file a claim. Sounds like you btdt.

02-10-11, 04:59 PM
What does btdt stand for..do i want to know...anyways, if that is our option that is fine. I just wanted to know because a move across the country with as much stuff as we have will probably cost around 5000 or more. I was hoping someone who works in TMO or maybe a recruiter who has dealt with prior service enlistment or someone who has been through it could help answer my questions. If anyone else has any information please let me know. Like I said i just need to know if a dity move is our only option or can we have the govt moves us in this situation. Our recruitor said because this was our choice then the move is on us, however, we have heard a few othe things. So just wanted to get the facts. Thanks for all replys.

02-10-11, 05:09 PM
btdt=been there done that..got it,that makes sense, didnt catch on to that right away..lol...

02-10-11, 05:11 PM
been there done that before

Tennessee Top
02-10-11, 10:11 PM
Hope somebody will be able to answer your questions. Let us know what finally happens in case somebody else has the same situation.

02-10-11, 11:12 PM
Thanks Tennesse Top, I hope we can get things figured out soon too. Going through a prior service enlistment has been hard and since not a lot of people have done it, nobody seems to really know what to expect. I will keep things updated as we go through this process.

02-15-11, 03:57 PM
Just a little update: My husband was able to get a hold of someone at TMO on Camp Lejeune. He was told that he would in deed get an allowence for DITY move (Marine corp is 50% up front but Navy is different), and he didn't ask specifically about a gov't move but it sounded as if that would be a possiblity if we did not want to do a DITY. However, they made is sound like the longer you have been out the allowance changes so anyone else wondering about this should call TMO if it has been more then a few years of getting out. My husband will have to go to the nearest base(for us it will be Great Lakes) and fill out and submit the proper paperwork once he receives his orders and this will entitle us to the allowance for moving expenses. Also, anyone else receiving orders for their first enlistment should check in to this also if they need to move a spouse and/or dependents.

Tennessee Top
02-16-11, 04:25 AM
Good deal. Hope your move goes smoothly; you've done it before so you know the drill.

FYI: It's the Marine Corps (we are not a corporation).

02-16-11, 03:23 PM
I didnt meen to forget the "s", i was typing really fast, I am well aware of the correct spelling, my appologies!