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02-08-11, 10:00 PM
So I have a friend who just shipped out for his MOS training he is an electrical optical ordenance maintainence tech. I found out that he got a drug waiver as he admitted to prior drug use (Marijuana) before USMC.

Are these hard to come by? And do you lose anything if you have to get one? Are you still elligable (SP?) for high level security clearance if you need to get one?

SSgt Lamie
02-09-11, 09:04 AM
The waivers are not hard to receive because the Marines who approve them understands that people make mistakes and try not to hold it against you. However, everything will come down to how many times you used illegal drugs. Certain MOS's require that you could not have experimented with marijuana more than 5 times.

Speak with your Recruiter and he can give you all these details based on your past.

Sgt Leprechaun
02-10-11, 02:32 AM
Well answered. No one is going to top that.