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02-04-11, 04:17 PM
Hello Marines
I just got back my ASVAB score, however I dont know how to calculate it. I know that for my desired MOS (combat engineer) I have to get a MM score of 95, and I know thats GS+AS+MK+MC but that comes out to be a 224, which seems way to high, so I was wondering how I could figure out the line score. I've tried searching for the answer, but I can't find anything that just tells me how I get the line score, not just the GS+AS+MK+MC. Here are my ASVAB scores if it helps (I'm getting these from the standard scores part):

AFQT: 82
General Science: 53
Arithmetic Reasoning:59
Word Knowledge: 61
Paragraph Comprehension: 63
Mathematics Knowledge: 60
Electronics Information:52
Auto and Shop Information: 49
Mechanical Comprehension: 62

Thanks for the help