View Full Version : Small Buisness Loans for Veterans

10-07-03, 04:44 PM
Cas I guess this would be more your field but anyone please chime in I am here in California in the "Belly of the Beast home of the Recall!"

Recently I was looking into starting my own buisness and found it was not an eazsy process but nothing worth having is ever just given to you.

In my search I could not find any thing on loans for disabled Vets. for small buisness. If I was a women or a minority or both they (trhe banks) would beat down the dorr to get me a loan but I am a white male dis. vet. and there is nothing there!

Why is that or did I just not find it where I was looking and is there a Gov Grant out there for someone like myself?

10-07-03, 05:45 PM
The SBA does have loans for veterans...



10-07-03, 05:49 PM
See I knew I could count on you! You Rock Cas!