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This was sent to me by a member here on LN, Lisa. Many of you know her as Mistybluelady. She asked my opinion where best to post this wonderful story and so I decided this forum would be most appropriate.

Thank you Lisa for forwarding this to me and I hope I did it justice despite my less than stellar editing

The first picture and the last picture are taken at the beach in Santa Barbara right next to the pier. There is a veterans group that started putting a cross and candle for every death in Iraq and Afghanistan . The amazing thing is that they only do it on the weekends. They put up this graveyard and take it down every weekend. Guys sleep in the sand next to it and keep watch over it at night so nobody messes with it. Every cross has the name, rank and D.O.B. and D.O.D. on it.

Very moving, very powerful! So many young volunteers. So many 30 to 40 year olds as well. Amazing !

01-25-11, 11:38 AM
Thanks Dan for posting this.

radio relay
01-25-11, 01:36 PM
All Powerful God,
We honor today those men and womenó
Our sons and daughters,
Husbands and wives,
Fathers, brothers, sisters, mothersó
Who have laid down their life for their country.

Whether weary or emboldened, quiet or defiant,
Vulnerable or ready when You called them home,
Their sacrifice is too humbling for words
except these uttered in prayer.

Loving Lord, bless them forever in Your eternal peace.
Let the sounds of strife, the cries of battle, the wounds of war
be calmed for all eternity in Your loving and endless grace.
Let these great warriors find rest at last,
Ever reminded that we who are left behind
Cherish their spirit, honor their commitment,
send them our love,
and will never forget the service that they gave.


01-25-11, 02:35 PM
Lisa, Dan and Raido Relay thankyou from this old vet.

God Bless Them All

doc h fmf
01-25-11, 03:44 PM
Thats Beautiful Goodbless Each And Everyone Of You

Semper Fi My Brothers And Sisters

Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf