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Mary Carey

http://www.marycareyforgovernor.com/mcbikini1.jpghttp://www.marycareyforgovernor.com/ (http://www.marycareyforgovernor.com/)


Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Which of the other 100+ idiots on the wrong/left coast would you vote for?

10-07-03, 05:20 AM
I don't know. I guess it all depends on who you have been fondled by lately. LOL (I'm talking about candidates)

10-07-03, 07:37 AM
That way I'll get one for the Groper, at least he seems to know what he wants...


but I must admit, CAS you were my first choice, but I couldn't find your name listed along with the 161 other candidates. Unless there was a page 36.

I wonder if I grope the lady at the voting booth, if they'll let me vote twice.

10-07-03, 09:18 AM
What are the chances the terminator will be our new governator?

Pretty good, I wonder if we can now recall our lt. governor, congressmen, assemblymen...etc.

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10-07-03, 03:25 PM
We might take up a collect, as a gift for our leader at Leaderneck.com


Mary Carey for Governor!

Mary Carey Announces Unique Fundraising Program
Promises Dinner Dates for $5000 Contributions
Los Angeles, CA – California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey announced today that she is initiating a unique and unprecedented program to raise money for her campaign.

She has pledged to go out on a dinner date with anyone who contributes $5000 or more to her campaign fund. During dinner, she is open to discuss any issues of importance to the contributor.

“As an independent, I don’t have a large political party backing me,” Carey explained. “So I have to be creative and develop more unconventional methods of raising money. My campaign is going very well, we are getting a lot of attention. But we need money to keep the momentum going, to buy advertising and host more rallies such as the one we held in Sacramento this past Saturday.”

Anyone interested in participating in this program should contact the campaign through either email (inquiries@marycareyforgovernor.com) or by telephone (323-981-1705).


Hey, Jerry you would get our site a lot of free publicity...LOL

10-07-03, 11:08 PM

Gubernatorial candidate and adult entertainment star Mary Carey with the press before voting in the California Governor recall election in North Hollywood, Tuesday. Carey faces tough competition from California Gov. Gray Davis and Republican Gubernatorial candidate actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the election.

10-07-03, 11:10 PM
Five-year-old Katrina Gubbels, left, holds up "Bills of Total Recall" with a likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger before a rally for the actor at the San Diego Convention Center on Oct. 2.


10-07-03, 11:14 PM

Oct. 7 — Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian-born policeman’s son-turned-actor who began his quest to be governor of California on a TV talk show, won the office Tuesday night as voters rejected the embattled Gov. Gray Davis in a closely watched, at times bizarre campaign, calling for change in the direction of the nation’s most populous state and its battered economy, the world’s fifth-largest.


WITH LONG LINES but only sporadic complaints about the long ballot, Californians went to the polls to decide Davis’ fate in higher numbers than in any gubernatorial election in the last 21 years, election officials predicted. By late afternoon, 60 percent turnout for the recall vote appeared likely, Secretary of State spokeswoman Terri Carbaugh said. That would be higher than every gubernatorial election in California since 1982, when turnout was 70 percent.
Cash-strapped California had only a few months to prepare for the special election, resulting in 10,000 fewer polling places than in past elections. Lines stretched outside many polling places, but many voters said they made it to the voting booth quickly, even if they had to wade through 135 names on the ballot.
Absentee voting was unusually high. California’s 58 counties were already processing the 2.2 million absentee ballots turned in before Tuesday; statewide, voters had requested 3.2 million absentee ballots, and many of these will not be counted until after election day.
“It’s below a presidential race, but we’re at the equivalent or higher than a gubernatorial race. It’s still hitting smack in the middle of that range,” said Kristin Heffron, the chief deputy registrar in Los Angeles County.

Davis fought to avoid becoming the nation’s first governor in 82 years to be recalled from office. He was elected to a second term just 11 months ago, but with less than 50 percent of the vote, dragged down by his personal unpopularity and voters’ anger over the state’s struggling economy.
Recent polls suggested voters favored throwing the Democratic incumbent out of office and installing the moderate Republican Schwarzenegger. But it was uncertain whether the “Terminator” star’s appeal had been tarnished by 11th-hour allegations that he groped women and spoke admiringly of Adolf Hitler.
Hundreds of Republican and Democratic party lawyers scoured polling places Tuesday for irregularities. Polling stations were scheduled to close at 8 p.m. PT (11 p.m. ET), but Democratic officials said they would be ready to seek an injunction to keep polls open later if they found any problems or delays in the voting.
Democratic officials said they were especially concerned about potential problems in Los Angeles County, where most voters were using a punch-card ballot. The county is also using 60 percent fewer polling sites than in last November’s general election.

The early poll data is based on interviews with more than 1,400 voters as they left 60 precincts across the state on Tuesday.

Voters expressed opinions on other questions in NBC News exit polling. The polls consistently found substantial voter discontent with Davis’ performance. The voters interviewed after casting their ballots Tuesday were also not pleased with the leadership that the Democratic incumbent has shown. Fully half of the voters said they strongly disapprove of the job that Davis has done as governor; nearly one in four somewhat disapproves of his work.
On the other side, just about one in four voters approves of the job Davis has done, with 7 percent giving him strong approval and 20 percent expressing a more reserved positive view.
By late afternoon, nearly three-quarters of voters — 72 percent — said they disapprove of the job Davis has done as governor.
Many voters had already voted using absentee ballots. But among those who voted in person thus far Tuesday, only 10 percent said they made up their minds in the past week. Fully 83 percent said they had decided over a month ago.
The NBC News exit poll on the California recall election is based on interviews with voters outside polling places on Tuesday across the state, as well as with those who voted by absentee ballot.
The early exit poll data is based on interviews with more than 2,415 voters as they left 60 precincts across the state on Tuesday. In addition, the data includes the results of telephone interviews with 400 California citizens who voted via absentee ballots before Election Day. The telephone interviews were conducted from Sept. 29 through Oct. 5.

Davis and the leading candidates to replace him, meanwhile, had all voted by midday.
“I feel absolutely terrific,” said Davis, a Democrat, who voted in West Hollywood. “I have always trusted the voters of California, and I know they’re going to do the right thing today.”
Schwarzenegger, whom opinion polls had shown as the leading replacement candidate, created a stir when he arrived to vote with his wife, Maria Shriver, at a Pacific Palisades mansion. Hundreds of people were there, most of them reporters and photographers.

(Shriver is on leave from “Dateline NBC.” MSNBC is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC News.)

Schwarzenegger said he had no trouble going through the 135 candidates to find his name at his polling place in Los Angeles: “You always look for the longest name.”

While officials expected a heavy turnout, others said campaign mudslinging could have turned off many potential voters.

The final days of campaigning focused on character instead of issues, largely because of sexual misconduct allegations against Schwarzenegger, who acknowledged that he had “behaved badly” in the past but accused Davis of “dirty campaigning.”

That did not stop the Democratic Party machine, which has been running television ads asking women if they really wanted a governor who was facing allegations that he groped women. The impact of the issue was difficult to predict, however, because 2 million voters had already cast absentee ballots before the allegations surfaced Thursday.

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, the only prominent Democrat on the ballot, and Republican state Sen. Tom McClintock remained the only other candidates polling in double digits.

A close vote could delay the results for days, while also leading to recount demands.

The chaotic campaign, which survived a handful of legal challenges after a Republican-led effort brought it to the ballot, was without parallel in the Golden State.

Those who did turn out were asked to choose the ending of a saga that has captivated the nation for months: whether Davis becomes the nation’s second governor to be recalled, and if so, who should replace him. The governor of North Dakota, recalled in 1921, is the only U.S. governor to ever be voted out of office in a special recall election.

There have been 31 previous attempts to force a recall vote in California, including three against Gov. Ronald Reagan in the 1960s. All but a handful failed to gather enough petition signatures to force an election.
Fineman: President Bush & recall


With allegations dogging him that he had groped and sexually harassed as many as 16 women over the last three decades, Schwarzenegger spent the last day of campaigning Monday with his wife and other female supporters.

Later, in Huntington Beach, Schwarzenegger was joined at a rally by his mother-in-law, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who hugged and kissed him as he began speaking.

Scores of female supporters stood behind him at events, holding signs proclaiming “Remarkable Women Join Arnold.” As he took the stage at one event, the actor smiled broadly and said, “To all the incredible women, thank you.”

Schwarzenegger continued to hammer away at Davis, telling supporters in San Jose that he fell among a class of politicians who only knew how to “spend, spend, spend” and “tax, tax, tax.”

10-07-03, 11:17 PM

We are watching our news right now and we hear that it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger has won.....




10-07-03, 11:46 PM
Funny how you never hear how Grey Davis abuses his female staff. He is psycho.

10-08-03, 02:17 AM
On May 22nd, I posted: IF Davis is impeached in California, Schwarznegger will be the next Governor.

I will make another prediction. Arnie will be REELECTED next time around.

The California governorship has been a stepping stone for Presidential contenders and wannabees. Being foreign-born, Arnie could not be elected President.

I dont think "Senator" suits him, so I think he will devote all his energies to remain "Governor".

10-08-03, 04:53 AM
Excellent! The liberal agenda is progressing nicely. Maria Schriver has done her job well. She is a Kennedy!

I am predicting that Governor Schwarzenegger will not be a right wing robot. He will cause a great change in Republican actions and perceptions.

Sgt Sostand
10-08-03, 07:05 AM
Well the Terminator win the Race Arnold Schwarzenegger he said that he will be back ....................

10-08-03, 08:59 AM
It's Arnold in landslide
Californians flood polls to oust Davis, tap Austrian-born actor as new governor

Posted: October 8, 2003
4:29 a.m. Eastern

© 2003 WorldNetDaily.com

Californians ousted Democratic Gov. Gray Davis just 11 months into his second term and gave Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger a landslide victory, ending the unprecedented recall election that has dominated national headlines for two months.

Partial returns show the recall favored by 3,516,497 votes, or 54 percent, and opposed by 3,003,817 votes, or 46 percent.

Davis conceded the race to Schwarzenegger just before 10 p.m. Pacific time and pledged to work toward a smooth transition.

"Tonight, the voters did decide it's time for someone else to serve, and I accept their judgment," Davis said. "I'm calling on everyone ... to put the chaos and division of the recall behind us and do what's right for this great state of California."

Schwarzenegger declared victory in a celebration at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. The Austrian immigrant was introduced by Jay Leno, host of "The Tonight Show," where he announced his candidacy two months ago.

"I came here with absolutely nothing, and California has given me absolutely everything. And today, California has given me the greatest gift. You have given me your trust for voting for me," Schwarzenegger said.

"I will do everything I can to live up to that trust. I will not fail you, I will not disappoint you, and I will not let you down."

In his concession, Davis expressed gratitude to his supporters and to "the people of California for the privilege and the honor of representing 35 million people the last five years, and the opportunity to serve you and in my own way try and make life better."

"I have placed a call to Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger just a few minutes ago to congratulate him on being elected governor," Davis said to a chorus of boos at the mention of Schwarzenegger's name.

With 86 percent of the precincts reporting, Scharzenegger has 47.5 percent of the vote, Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante 32.8 percent, Republican state Sen. Tom McClintock 13.3 percent and Green Party candidate Peter Camejo 2.9 percent.

Voters also overwhelmingly rejected both initiatives on the ballot. Proposition 54, the measure sponsored by activist Ward Connerly that sought to prohibit state and local governments from classifying people by race, ethnicity, color or national origin in everything from schools to law enforcement, was opposed by 64 percent and supported by 36 percent.

Proposition 53, which would have diverted billions of budget dollars to the rebuilding of infrastructure, was defeated by the same percentage.

In a concession call to Schwarzenegger, McClintock said, according to NBC, "I pledged to him my wholehearted support in undertaking the great responsibilities that the people of California have entrusted to him."

"This is a great day for the state of California," McClintock said. "In response to a common danger, the people of California rose to their duties and ordered a new direction for our state."

The state senator said, "I believe that our campaign acted as the conscience of this election. The burden that now falls on our new governor is a heavy one and he's going to need the active support of all Californians."

Bustamante chose to focus on the defeat of Proposition 54, telling supporters, "We have something to celebrate tonight. We have this victory on Proposition 54. ... The numbers we are seeing tonight say that we’re going to defeat Proposition 54 by a wide margin. This is a dramatic victory, it marks a dramatic turnaround for this state. Finally, California is saying 'no more wedge politics.'"

Only the second in history

Davis won re-election last November but his unpopularity has skyrocketed amid a massive budget deficit, high unemployment and a tripling of the car tax by executive order.

He becomes only the second governor in U.S. history to be recalled. Voters removed North Dakota's Lynn Frazier in 1921.

A Fox News exit poll showed just 27 percent of voters approved of Davis' job performance while 72 percent disapproved.

"This is an amazing turn of events and these numbers are obviously shocking," Schwarzenegger supporter Rep. Chris Cox, R-Calif., told Fox News before the polls closed. "It looks like it's going to be a landslide if you can believe the exit polls."

Polling supervisor Patti Negri told KNTV she witnessed the heaviest early turnout she had seen in her 12 years on the job.

"I've never been so busy, ever," she said. "We had to do a lot of paperwork but people seem excited and ready to vote."

'Revolution without a shot'

Among the many Californians happy to see Davis go is syndicated talk-show host Michael Savage.

Said Savage on his show last night: "Did you know that Davis has made more than 260 appointments as of last week to judgeships and state commissions since the recall election was announced 10 weeks ago? What does that tell you about this man? Is this a man who plays honestly? Is this a man who legislates in the daylight?

"He's stocking the courts with corrupt fish," Savage concluded.

Savage said he was "outraged at the smear campaign" by Democrats and their supporters, decrying news stories reporting an allegation Schwarzenegger once talked of admiring Adolf Hitler.

He relayed a report that Austrian Jews have discounted the link drawn between Schwarzenegger and Hitler.

Referring to the recall election, Savage hailed U.S. "democracy."

"I believe we're going to see a revolution in America today without a shot being fired," he said, "which is what makes America the greatest place on earth. We can have bloodless revolutions in this nation."

A voter in Berkeley, however, told KABC-TV in Los Angeles she is "horrified at the thought that Schwarzenegger can be our governor."

"I'm sick of Republicans trying to take over the state,' said Gretchen Purser, 25, who voted against recall.

Ed Troupe, 69, of Thousand Oaks, voted yes for recall and for Schwarzenegger.

"As far as I'm concerned," he told the L.A. station, "Gray Davis is one of the dirtiest politicians I've ever encountered."

President Bush said yesterday he was ready to work with Schwarzenegger if Californians elected him.

The president said in August he thought Schwarzenegger would be a "good governor." But yesterday he tried to avoid questions about whether he still held that view after the publishing of allegations the Austrian-born actor groped more than a dozen women.

"I feel like the California people are going to make a wise decision, that they are now in charge of the process," Bush told reporters.




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10-08-03, 03:25 PM
Was "Mary Carey" for real???
As in, voting her for governor of California?

10-08-03, 05:49 PM
Mary Carey was "REAL" she received over 10,000 votes.
I didn't vote for her, because she's a blone and wanted to tax lap-dancing, but would also make them tax-deductible ......LOL



Arnold Schwarzenegger Rep 3,694,436
Cruz M. Bustamante Dem 2,421,319
Tom McClintock Rep 1,014,895
Peter Miguel Camejo Grn 211,595
Arianna Huffington Ind 42,442
Peter V. Ueberroth Rep 21,999
Larry Flynt Dem 15,350
Gary Coleman Ind 12,631
Mary Carey Cook Ind 10,017
Bill Simon Rep 7,845
Leo Gallagher Ind 4,844
Jo-beth (write in candidate) 3,276


10-12-03, 02:17 AM
Folks are already speculating what Gray will do after Arnold takes over.