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01-12-11, 05:39 PM
If you have been in the Corps for a minute your probably where stationed in Oki. As we all know, the Battle of Okinawa was one of the most brutal battles between America and Japan. After the war, many Marines believed the island to be haunted because of all the casualties from America and Japan.
My fist unit was in Oki (2003). During my check in process many young and senior Marines would tell me the island is haunted. i never believed in ghost nor took much thought into the stories Marines would tell me. i was even shocked to see a book on Okinawa ghost at the PX. One day, halfway thru my tour i had a chilling feeling. It was in the early Sunday morning. Before the gold card/red card curfew policies. half my platoon plus my roommate where out partying and drinking it up! i decided to take it easy that night and square away my uniform for the upcoming week. I was sitting in a chair, ironing out my cammies, listening to some music when I seen a dark looking figure in the corner of my eye standing by the door way. I didn't pay much attention to it because I thought it was my roommate coming back from the bar. but something was strange. the figure, which i thought was my roommate, didn't move! it seemed to just stair at me! I looked up to see who was at the door but saw nothing only the door to the room! I froze for a good minute and felt really creeped out.I then turned off all my electronic devices and went to a buddy of mine a few doors down the hall way who luckily was still awake, drinking beer and watching movies.
I never told any one about the experience until one day when I was back in the states. A group of us Marines where just chilin, shotin the ****, when some one brought up a ghost story they had experienced while in Japan. None Marine in the group laughed and told their chilling ghost experience they had while stationed in Oki. After hearing everyones story, i knew i wasn't crazy!
After completing my tour in the states, i came back to Japan. this time in mainland:(. But i had the opportunity to go back to Oki for Sgt course. While in the course I meet up with a buddy of mine form the states. I cant remember how the conversation came about ghost but i remember him telling me, "dude, the room next door is F@%*ing hunted!" this was his first time to be in Japan and i never told him any of the ghost stories ive heard or experienced. He said, every night i go to bed and i hear noises coming from the room next door. and the creepy thing is, no one stays next door! i laughed and said it was probably some junior Marines horse playing around. He said, i thought the same thing to till one day i got tired of the B.S i got the duty with the master key. he told me him and the duty stayed in his room till they heard a noise. once they heard a noise the quickly went next door to open the door. once the door was open, the whole room was trashed but no one was inside!! i laughed at my friend and said, congratulations, you're one of many Marines to now have a ghost story!
So lets hear it. if you have a ghost story in Oki lets hear it.

01-12-11, 06:58 PM
I guess the ghosts never bothered me all i did was pt,,,, and marines cant keep up with me when i run so i think the ghosts saw me and went the other way,,, because i sure as hell would pt a ghost to death.........

01-12-11, 11:14 PM
Haha no joke... back in '08 we had a ghost report over the Radio on Camp Courtney. lol

I was on the PX gate standing watch w/ another LCpl and a JP. When the people patrolling the beach come over the radio "It's a ****ing ghost!"

SgtMaj went ape ****... but when they got back to the ASF hut... they swear they saw a ghost on the beach.

01-13-11, 06:01 PM
One day during Sgts course we decided to trash this room. We heard the guy next door run down the hallway screaming for the duty so we split before they got there. True story.

01-14-11, 01:02 AM
One day during Sgts course we decided to trash this room. We heard the guy next door run down the hallway screaming for the duty so we split before they got there. True story.