View Full Version : Looking for LAT move to 7257 w/ Re-enlistment advice/information

01-09-11, 12:52 AM
I'm a Cpl coming up on my re-enlistment. My current EAS is 06 May of this year, and yes I know I'm cutting it very close, but I did get my package in to my CO, and after he signs it, it goes to the CMC. Currently I'm a 6672 Aviation Supply Clerk, however I'm attempting a LAT move to 7257 Air Traffic Controller. I did some research, such as the requirements, where the MOS school is located, but I wasn't able to find much, such as how long the school is (Which I need to know as far as my plans; I'm married so I need to know if the school is long enough for me to take my wife) or really what I can expect. Also, if anyone has any advice for me or some information you think I might overlook, that'd be great. Thanks.

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