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01-07-11, 01:04 AM
heres some info for senior and junior leadership to put to use and pass on down to who ever plans to get out and go to school.
im about to use the new gi bill but before i could use it i first had to sign up for it. i had to go on the va website which then redirected me to another program called VONAP. i had to fill out all the info such as branch or service, date got out, and bank info (for direct deposite). then i had to forfit my montgomery gi bill. once this whole proccess was completed it ask if i wanted to submit any other forms. so i clicked yes and submit my DD214 electronically.
It took me about 20min to complete. the next day i called the va to see if they had recieved my application. they told me it takes about 2-5 days for the eloctronic applcation to come thru! and that some times the VONAP applications dont always come thru with all the info the service member plugged in on their computer.
I called the va back on the 3rd day and they told me that they had recieved my application, however, it was up for review and approval. I asked if they had recieved my dd214 i had submitted thru VONAP and they told me it didnt come thu but, i could fax it to them. they gave me the number an info i needed to plug in on the cover sheet. The va also told me that the whole approval process would take up to 45 days!!! 3 days witing for the electronic paper work to go thru then 45 days for approval! thats a total of 48 days before i could use my bennies! this was a huge problem bcoz i have to register for school in 2 weeks and before i can register i need to bring a letter of approval from te va.
i told the va my problem and they told me, two different times from two different va workers was, i could pay out of pocket for my classes and once i was approved (which i would coz i have and honorable) the va would pay the school in which the school would have to give me back the money i already payed them.
well everyone, i keep you updated on this proccess. something to tell your marines about before they start school and use their post 9/11 bill. semper fi and pass the knowledge.:flag:

01-07-11, 01:08 AM
About the delay in payment, talk to the VA rep at your school. I'm pretty sure every school is required to have one and let them know what you are going through. While I didn't have to, for those who were getting late payments, especially when the new G.I. bill started they just allowed the students to enter without paying. Because the school knew that they were going to get the money from the VA.

01-09-11, 10:08 AM
Thanks for the insight. I look forward to using my GI bill and it is good to hear about the process. Please keep me updated on anything you encounter that is worth knowing. Best of luck with your education!

01-09-11, 10:27 AM
As with anything government/military related, you have to stay up their a** if you expect to get paid. I had to call the VA reps 3 different times to fix my stuff.. and they still paid me wrong for one whole semester until I called a 4th time and had them fix the problem. Fortunately, the GI Bill hotline is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable personnel, so as long as you stay on them, you should get results. And money.