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01-05-11, 12:12 AM
To whom ever may be reading this,
I Dep'ed into the Corps on 2011/01/03. My contract is set for open and my recruiters, both my Ssgt and Msgt do not under any circumstances want me sent as open (which, because of job availabilty, was the simplest way for meps to "initially" sign me) and are heavily requesting I choose a Mos ASAP so that we can revise my contract as of yesterday. The issue I am currently facing is that I do not under any circumstances want a desk job. I had considered 0231 or cryptologic linguistics, but ultimately my goal is to pursue obtaining a combative Mos but every Mos I list off from infantry and any other side job I can consider, they claim to have been filled. I am aware of the current status of the Usmc enlistment rates and completely understand the possibility of that being an accurate assessment, but my present inquiry is "can anyone think of any Mos, based off what I've written, that I can look into?"

Thank You For Your Time,
~Poolee Johnson

Big Tuna
01-05-11, 02:59 AM
When I contracted back in Sept, I also signed an open contract and they asked me to pick a job when I got back. It would appear as though the recruiters get a monthly or bi-monthly (or whatever it is) list of the available jobs that is actually printable. A day or so after contracting, I sat down with my recruiter and we went through every single job that currently had an opening.

My personal choice, Intel, wasn't open at the time, so we went through and I picked my top 3 choices from what was available, making sure to exclude the jobs I didn't want (motor trans, mechanic). The point of the "top 3" being that if by the time they got my stuff in and it came back, if it wasn't available, they could move to the next choice on the list without having to call me back in. I ended up getting "Combat Support" which, as described to me, sounded pretty hands on and combat-involved.

A couple months later, however, they got a new list with an opening in Intel and immediately submitted for it on my behalf. I got it, and that has now replaced Combat Support as my job-to-be.

01-05-11, 09:41 PM
My advice for you is make sure you get the contract you want. If they say "Underwater basket weaving is open and you get a million dollar bonus!" Make sure you actually want it. A lot of times the bonuses take a while to get and the job won't be worth it. When I was DEPing in I went open contract as we all do and chose my top 3. It was Combat Camera, Air Crew, and Crypto Lingo/Intel. I ended up with the intel spot and on the day of my going to take the DLAB I got news that if I wanted ComCam for sure I was to go to Parris Island the following Tuesday. At that point I was beyond willing to do it. They had traded my contract with an RSS in Texas (I'm from Colorado). So If you are willing to make sure you get the MOS you want do it. It's really the only thing you will have control of in your career. If you want Intel for example say you want that and make sure you sign the contract for it and you are qualified as well. You do have the right to get out of the DEP and stuff if you don't get the MOS field you want. So that is my advice. Good Luck!

On a side note I like the name Big Tuna

Big Tuna
01-06-11, 03:11 AM
haha thanks gonzo, my nickname for the past decade has been Fish, but my recruiter decided he didn't like that and started calling me "Big Tuna"

...figure its better than flounder or tadpole or guppy or something else equally stupid.

01-22-11, 05:49 PM
Great advice Lava Dog, I did the same thing you said and finally got the job i wanted! Just stick to your guns and you'll be alright.

01-22-11, 05:51 PM
Also walk the talk, it helps to put out 110 percent during pt sessions and poolee functions, recruiters notice that stuff.