View Full Version : As US Marines leave Iraq--ROKs to take their place?

10-05-03, 02:09 AM
Actually, I believe the last of the US Marines have already left. the plan is for the ROKs, maybe even Korean Marines, to relieve the 101st airborne.
Think about that scenario for a minute.
If the Iraqis thought they had a tough time dealin with us, wait till they get a taste of Marines--Korean style.

They'll whip the whole mideast in 6 months time.

10-05-03, 08:46 AM
GEeeee.....they must be better then US Marines ????
thinkin....iffen they that bad why so much trubble from their northern half???


10-05-03, 09:42 AM
It's all about mindset.

10-05-03, 12:53 PM
... and less restrictions. I doubt that the ROK Marines will struggle with diplomacy and rules of engagement.

10-05-03, 02:18 PM
I never said they were better Montana-ruthless is a more accurate term. They did their business as they saw fit. Never had a problem getting them off a chopper & into a fight-unlike some of the ARVN.

10-06-03, 12:56 PM
ROK Marines are good to go! Not alot of power at the NCO level though. I trained with them in 96. Ruthless and ****ed off are accurate descriptions. From what they're exposed to by their northern cousins I could see why.

10-06-03, 03:03 PM
Isn't 80% of the Korean military made up of women?
I heard that the other day...? (from another Marine) He wasn't sure if it was North or South Korea...does anyone know?


10-06-03, 06:43 PM
Were you talking to Sparrow Hawk?

He may have meant 80% were men, but somehow "WOMEN" came to his mind. LMAO

10-06-03, 10:10 PM
Naww, couldn't have been Sparrow Hawk. Even he knows there aren't any Korean redheads. ;)

10-06-03, 11:02 PM
Down the block we have a Korean store owner. Nice enough guy, good community family. His sotre got robbed a few weeks ago. Christ on a Cracker! That look in his eye when he found out his wife got robbed while he was out at the wholesaler! I wouldn't want him on my trail!

10-07-03, 07:39 AM
Yeah...they are known to have a rather short fuse...

10-07-03, 03:28 PM
greensideout & greybeard

Humm, a redhaired female Korean?

They were fisty in Nam, now you got me to thinking...LOL

11-08-03, 06:57 PM
Bumped up for locknload

11-08-03, 07:44 PM
Korean Marines?

They had a base next to ours in Vietnam. We both got hit one night. We bunkered down. They chased the VC for three days and nights until they caught up with them.

They were never hit again.

But we were.

11-09-03, 12:27 AM
:marine:KMCs came about very early in the Korean War...they were trained by USMC, which ever companies that were in Reserve would train the KMCs at all MOS levels...this was accomplished all during the 3 yr shooting War and even after the 1st Marine Div FMF departed Korea in Apr55...USMC elements remained to oversee the KMC Corps...even after the KWar...the KMCs would partake in Marlex[s] [Marine Landing Exercises] with USMC forces...in the very beginning the KMCs were an unorganized bunch...lacking firepower discipline and proper radio comm procedures; however, they eventually became proficient and proven in battle...we always wanted the 1st KMC Regiment to be on our Divisional flank... full/knowing that outfit would not bugout at nite like the ROK troops used to do...the KMC was a proven fighting organization by time Vietnam War came about...it's all history now and they will be a proven force of arms in Iraq...I have no idea what the ROK is now...Army is Army...KMCs are a spartan/proven lot...they attend all of our 1st Marine Div Assoc reunions in good numbers too...no sweat the #1 KMCs. S/F :marine:

Sgt Sostand
11-11-03, 08:27 PM
greybeard your right the Korean Marines play around