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10-04-03, 07:05 PM
Gladiators come together for battle
Submitted by: MCAS Iwakuni
Story Identification Number: 20031033358
Story by Cpl. Dave Boni

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan(Oct. 3, 2003) -- Warriors from all across the Station were on hand to participate in the 2003 Gladiator?s Ultimate PT Challenge Sept. 19 at the Penny Lake fields and the Main Gym's indoor pool.

The 9th annual competition gave those participating an opportunity to show their primitive skills while enjoying a day filled with fun and unique challenges.

Teams from Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12, Combat Service Support Detachment 36 and Marine Wing Support Squadron 171 made their way to the IronWorks Gym for head-to-head action starting with a kayak relay, wacky swim relay, river raft race and finally the canoe tug-o-war.

Instead of using paddles, participants had to rely on themselves and their teammates during the kayak relay and river raft race. Motors and rudders all came in the form of the contestant's hands digging into the water in an attempt to outdo their competitors.

Later in the day the athletes took to the Penny Lake fields for another bombardment of unique events such as the 10-legged race, the bull pull and an obstacle course, which according to Charla Truesdale, fitness coordinator and event director, seemed to be the most popular.

"We changed this year's obstacle course to make it a little more challenging and all of the gladiators thought it was the hardest event," she said.

Ezra Thom, MWSS-171 Team A member agreed with Truesdale about the difficulty of the obstacle course.

"The whole competition really tested how in shape you were, but the obstacle course was the toughest," said Thom.

Another event, called the human sphere barrel race, consisted of two teammates, one maneuvering a sphere containing their partner along a specified path to the finish line where the disoriented athlete was finally released from the sphere, only to complete the event by running to the end of the course and back.


One of the most challenging events the gladiators faced as a team was the 10-legged race.
Photo by: Staff Sgt. Rhonda L. Marshall




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Could that pic get any larger drifter? LMAO

It looks like fun and games for sure, but who dressed these Marines?

I'm looking at different camo and belts that are BLUE?

What's the uniform of the day?

Some new Marine needs to tell us old Marines why they can dress in a Marine uniform that looks nothing like the Marine next to them.

Someone is out of uniform and the first shirt is going to have their a**! LOL

We would do stuff like this and it was always fun!