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12-09-10, 11:49 PM
Hello everyone,
This is going to be my first entry ever, so I am not sure if what I am about to write it's suposed to be written here or somewhere else.
I am an 0111 who EASed from the Marine Corps in 2010. Not becaused I wanted to, but because I was not allowed to reenlist due to my NJP from March, 2009. Right now I am working as a Reservist on Active Duty Operation Support Orders (ADOS) until September, 2011. Now, the reason of this post its because I am looking for some guidance on what other way I can come back in as an Active Duty Marine. If there are any PSR/CRS out there, I would highly appreciate any help.

My NJP was on Art. 134 (Adultery). Now, on paper it looks horrible since it shows that I cheated on my wife at the time; however, the real story is that I was actually separated from my spouse and had not filed for divorced because I had no money. I started dating a Marine and when my CoC confronted me about this, they decided to NJP me. I was reduced from Sergeant to Corporal.

On the other hand, I have several achivements: Personnel Clerk Honor Grad, MCI runner up Graduate of the Year 2007, Marine of the Year 2007, Corporal's Crs Honor Grad, Machine Gunners course, Black Belt MAI, 70+MCIs, Navy Achievement Medal (w/gold start), meritoriously promoted to the ranks of PFC, Cpl, and Sgt. In addition, I have a high score on my PFT/CFT/Rifle.

Even though my CoC recommended with enthusiasm for reup, HQMC still said no on my pkg; however, still gave me a RE-1A code.

I know boat spaces are thight since we are trying to lower the numbers, but is there anyway I can come back in?

Any advise/guidance will be highly appreciated.

12-10-10, 12:43 AM
well cant answer in the psr/crs point of view but has the waivers clerk for nyc, we arent doing any enlistments pacakges unless u were at least a ssg when u got out and will to take a job that is not desirable. not sure what the west coast or mid is doing but thats the east coast right now.