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11-30-10, 05:44 PM
Anybody know anything about and how it could affect me in going back in? In all the searches on here, I did not see anything. <br />
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When I got out in Jan 2003 I was coming up for orders around April. In...

11-30-10, 07:23 PM

From the

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Refused to extend or reenlist to obtain the obligated service necessary to carry out PCS or UDP.
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SRB entry required stating reason for assignment. Individual Marine must sign SRB entry and have the opportunity to submit a statement. Forward signed copies of page 11 entry and statement (if any) to CMC (MMSB). Refer to MCO P1300.8. This code may only be assigned when directed by CMC and is not assigned to first-term Marines. Marines assigned this code are not eligible for promotion, reenlistment, commissioning or warrant officer programs, special education programs, or in voluntary separation pay. CMC authority required for reenlistment.

11-30-10, 07:28 PM
Yeah I am familiar with that part. I do not remember signing a page 11 entry nor making a statement. But that doesn't matter now. <br />
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What I am trying to find out is I joined another branch of service...