View Full Version : Reserves switch to Active Duty

11-26-10, 12:19 AM
I am currently on a reserve contract and have three years left. i wish to go back to active duty status (not Active Reserve or Individual Augment). If anyone knows the paper work I have to do to complete this or how to go about it please let me know. I am in contact with my local recruiters and they have no idea if it possible.

11-26-10, 03:30 AM
It is possible; however, it is a huge pain to do. It could take up to a year to augment back to active duty. You need to get up with your admin section at your unit, they will need to do some paperwork concerning you augmenting over. But it is primarily a recruiters job to get you back in the fleet. Sadly though, since it will be such a hassle for the recruiters to get you back to active duty they will essentially put you on the back burner since they still need to write contracts. What reserve unit are you with? I would strongly suggest doing the AR program since that will get you back in the fleet much sooner.