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11-23-10, 03:20 AM
Just graduated Nov 19th, 3rd RTBN, M Company, Plt 3266(Honor Platoon woo woo)

tips for poolees:
Dont loose anything... Gear accountability = Number One priority.
Dont give up, keep your head up when stuff starts hitting the fan, and always keep thinking, tomorrow is a new day.
If it makes it easier just try to split each day into 3 sections... Morning Chow, Afternoon Chow, evening Chow, and each week into Sundays. trying to survive just for the time period between each chow makes it so you are always focused, and time passes by just a little bit faster.

good luck poolees, its rough, but when you are handed the Eagle Globe and Anchor, you will know everything you did was worth it.:flag:

11-23-10, 06:28 AM
Marine !! :flag::thumbup: S/F Moz USMC 68-70

Lisa 23
11-23-10, 07:49 AM
Congrats on becoming a United States Marine :usmc:.....and welcome to the Marine Corps family.
Enjoy your leave home with family and friends.

PM one of the mods...jinelson, yellowwing, or Sgt Leprechaun....and have one of them change your status from poolee to Marine.

Semper Fi Marine :iwo:

Rocky C
11-23-10, 10:41 AM
Congrats Marine !!!

Semper Fi,