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11-15-10, 09:16 AM
Most Vietnam veterans who served with Sub Unit One, 1st ANGLICO know who Dave Long is. Dave and "Jungle" Jim Porta were with 11th Co 3d Bn 2d ROK Marine Brigade when two NVA Regiments and a VC Battalion made the mistake of trying to overrun the hill on their way to taking on the Battalion and the Brigade.

The battle at Trabinhdong is now the most famous in Korean Marine Corps history. The Korean Marines turned back the hordes in hand to hand combat, taekwondo enhanced with sharpened e-tools. Dave and Jim played an important role, as the ANGLICO team.

Dave has been undergoing treatements for bladder cancer for many months. On Friday, 19 NOV, Dave will have his bladder removed. Please keep Dave in your thoughts and prayers.

11-15-10, 12:54 PM
Praying for the Marine. Does the family know about Caring Bridge? They can post his story and people can follow journal entries and post comment and encouragement.

11-15-10, 04:15 PM
Where dose Dave live? Is it CT? I served with a Marine in Iraq named Dave Long and his father is also dave long and was a nam vet with anglico . If this is him I got to call little long and see whats up.