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11-15-10, 02:28 AM
Hey all haven't been around too much due to the whole situation with boat computer rules and all, but just finished up a gruelling training session in Djibouti working with the French. We hiked about 180 kilometers in 10 days and pretty much learned the basics to desert survival and quite frankly got our asses kicked a little, but I grew a beard and I was happy. The plans for the near future are unknown, but I am safe and quite frankly have been half enjoying myself and half being miserably miserably bored and am not sure I have the sanity for the boredom ;). Well I am about to start the next step in this whole MEU thing, but not knowing what it is we'll let it come about. Good talking to you all. If you want to send moto mail or want an address or anything just get at me. I have more than time. Pictures will be up soon.

11-15-10, 09:29 AM
Good goin, Buggs. Keep marching on. You can send me some Moto Mail. I'm damm tired of being a civilian.

Zulu 36
11-15-10, 10:28 AM
Good hearing from you, Woody. Keep safe, old man. :flag:

11-15-10, 10:35 AM
Glad to hear that boredom is your biggest problem Mike, but if you're really looking for something to do just ask a Boatswain if he's got any work that needs to be done, I'm sure he'll keep you occupied haha. Hope the rest of your cruise goes just as smoothly, take care Marine.