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11-08-10, 03:56 PM
Just got out this friday with Hotel co, feel free to ask about it, also can I get a status update to pfc of Marines, thanks

11-08-10, 04:53 PM
Congrats ! Welcome home Marine :flag: Moz 68-70

11-08-10, 04:59 PM
The real adventure and challenge begins now...listen and learn from your NCOs and be sure to align yourself closely with Marines with winning attitudes and a commitment to the Corps. You'll know what I mean within your first six months.

11-08-10, 07:09 PM
Congratulations Marine. Welcome to the family.

11-08-10, 08:01 PM
Congrats MARINE!

11-08-10, 08:32 PM

Lisa 23
11-08-10, 08:50 PM
Congrats on becoming a Marine....and welcome to the Marine Corps family.
Enjoy your leave home with family and friends.

PM one of the mods, jinelson, yellowwing or Sgt Leprechaun, and ask to have your status changed to Marine.

Semper Fi Marine :iwo:

11-08-10, 09:05 PM
Thanks everyone, the whole brotherhood part of the Marine Corps was something I started to feel like the day after I got my Eagle Globe and Anchor, to any poolee/civilian who thinks its bull I will bet my possessions that wherever a Marine goes he/she can automatically identify and start up a conversation with another Marine

11-08-10, 09:06 PM
Congrats Marine, welcome to the brotherhood. Once a Marine always a marine.
Semper Fi

11-11-10, 12:13 PM
Still no status update, and also I forgot to add, I was one of scribes so any poolee who wants to know about that billet feel free to ask